5 Best Platformer Games of 2022


In Tinykin, players assume the role of Professor Milodane and must investigate the mysterious mansion he finds himself in with the aid of an army of tiny, powerful monsters known as Tinykin.
With the assistance of the Tinykins, Milo is able to fling and even stack the small aliens to get past countless common obstacles that appear like they belong in a game of Katamari Damacy with dynamics similar to Pikmin.
In this game, you explore the house and its many rooms, from the toilet to the greenhouse out back.

A Rogue’s Legacy 2

This game was in early access for a while before its official release this year, so it’s possible that it was passed by by gamers at the time.
Fans of the original game won’t be disappointed with Rogue Legacy 2, which has even more of the rogue-like, randomly generated platforming action they like so much.
The game has a fresh, cute hand-drawn aesthetic and many new, fascinating elements, such as sections that can only be accessible with particular talents.


Even though there hasn’t been any concrete information regarding Hollow Knight: Silksong for fans, they may fill the hole with Moonscars, a platformer in the vein of Demon’s Souls.
Cutting down adversaries in Moonscars is gratifying and becomes second nature thanks to the game’s fluid movement and thrilling combat.
Fans play as Grey Irma, a warrior who has forgotten her history, and traverse a dark and gloomy environment, and the game’s straightforward controls are almost a relief.
When she starts investigating the environment she finds herself in, not only does she learn the truth about what happened to the other clay members of her squad, but she also learns the truth about how she became corrupted.

The pink puffball makes his first venture into full 3D in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and the results are impressive.
This year, the game won the award for Best Family Game at the Game Awards, and it was praised by fans and journalists alike.
An unusual vortex forms up over Planet Popstar, sucking everyone and everything inside of it, marking the beginning of the journey.
The wormhole alters Kirby and strands him on a new planet, where he utilizes his newfound abilities to explore a reclaimed region and save his new buddy Elfilin from danger. Together, they search for a way back to Planet Popstar.
There’s more to this plot than meets the eye, much as in the other games in the series.

bright white neon

Any time devils breach the heavenly gates, the Neons are called in to restore order.
Players in Neon White take on the role of the game’s eponymous protagonist, Neon White, in a contest to slay the most aggressive demons and earn salvation for the rest of eternity.
Despite the fact that it may first sound like a standard first-person shooter, Neon White is everything but. The game combines parkour platforming, shooting, and even card game principles to create a fresh and exciting adventure.

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