A manufacturing partner of Nintendo Switch has confirmed that they are working on a new console, leading to speculation that it could be the next version of the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch, which has been very successful since its release in 2017, has raised questions about when Nintendo will start developing its next major console. There have been conflicting rumors and reports about the timing of the new console’s unveiling, but the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, recently stated that there are no plans to announce a new Switch follow-up until at least the end of March next year.

However, despite Furukawa’s statement, a longtime supplier of Nintendo Switch parts, Sharp, has announced that they are currently developing LCD screens for an undisclosed system. While the specific details of the new console were not revealed, Sharp’s CEO mentioned that it is expected to launch before March 2024. Considering Sharp’s history of supplying parts for the Switch, many speculate that this new system could indeed be Nintendo’s next console. Some have also noted that the original Switch was released shortly after its formal announcement, which could mean a similar timeline for this new console. In the meantime, Nintendo aims to sell 15 million Switch units in 2023, despite a decline in sales.

While it is possible that the new console being developed by Sharp could be something other than a Switch successor, the mention of LCD screens by CEO Robert Wu suggests otherwise. Wu also indicates that the console could launch as early as next March, so gamers might not have to wait too long to find out the details.

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