A Minecraft Fan Talks About Cute Enderman costume you can make yourself for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, one gamer decides to make a homemade Enderman costume that looks a lot like the mob from Minecraft.
A Minecraft fan shared a cute Enderman costume that she made herself for Halloween.

One Minecraft gamer made an Enderman costume that would be great for trick-or-treating before Halloween. The procedurally generated worlds of Minecraft are full of scary things, but the Enderman might be one of the scariest.

The Enderman is a neutral mob that can be found all over Minecraft. As one of the first mobs added to the game, most players are familiar with it. The fact that it likes to pick up blocks makes it stand out. The mob has been in Minecraft since the beginning, and it is known for having a creepy look. An Enderman is tall and thin and looks black all over. They also have purple eyes that glow and can teleport, which lets them seem to appear out of nowhere.

One user named tamhamful posted a picture to Reddit that showed how well the creepy design of the Enderman worked as a Halloween costume. Even though the end result was more cute than scary, it was still very good. In the picture that the creator shared, it could be seen that the Enderman costume had a black block-shaped head. The block had a small hole in the middle so the person wearing it could see where they were going. It also had two square eyes that looked like they were glowing purple.

Some other interesting parts were the two black, blocky arms that held a copy of a TNT block from Minecraft. To match the color of the Enderman, the person wearing the outfit wore black shoes, black pants, and a black shirt. The fact that the Reddit user made the costume themselves makes it even more impressive.

Since tamhamful posted a picture of it a few days ago, this DIY Enderman costume has become popular on the Minecraft subreddit. It’s likely that the child who got to wear it trick-or-treating was a big hit. People have said nice things about the creator’s Halloween creation in the comments, which have over 5,300 upvotes. Some of the comments made jokes about the Enderman’s powers, and one person asked if the person wearing the costume could teleport from house to house while trick-or-treating.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the only Halloween-themed Minecraft art that has been posted to Reddit in the last few days. In fact, gamers have been making a lot of cool things to get ready for the scary holiday. For example, just recently, another gamer carved a real pumpkin to look like the jack-o’-lanterns in Minecraft. Even though a lot of this Halloween-themed fan art is impressive, the holiday isn’t for a few more days, so more art might show up on the internet soon.

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