A PS5 player demonstrates a DualSense controller with buttons switched around.

A player posts an image of his modified PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, which have buttons of alternating colors.


A gamer recently took to the internet to show off his collection of PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers that have had their buttons recolored.
Sony’s newest PlayStation 5 controller is the DualSense.
Sony appears to have taken user input into account while designing items for this generation, since the PlayStation 5’s faceplates are likewise modifiable.

To date, the PlayStation 5’s trademark DualSense controller has been available in a number of different colors.
Sony has made sure that players have a wide variety of options to pick from.
The attachments are also modifiable, letting gamers with a little of technical know-how combine different controllers’ panels into one hybrid device.
For their own unique PS5 DualSense controller, one fan chose to totally alter the button colors.

Sony appears to have put a lot of thought into user preferences and preferences for customization into the PS5 and its peripherals this iteration.
Sony’s new DualSense Edge controllers will have back buttons, interchangeable stick caps and modules, adjustable trigger stops and dead zone sliders, and more, and will be available in a wide range of colors to match the DualSense and PlayStation 5 consoles.

It’s awesome to see people making use of the PlayStation 5’s personalization features.
The ability to switch button colors will entice players to make their own custom controllers.
However, there is still a lot of room for innovation with future PS5 controller releases, and we can only hope that Sony will continue to prioritize user input with every product it creates in the years to come.

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