Apex Legends Reverses Accidental Nerf

Apex Legends’ recent nerf to Horizon’s Gravity Lift has been undone thanks to a hotfix published by Respawn Entertainment.
Some players believe the nerf is accidental because it wasn’t mentioned in the 15.1 patch notes.

In Apex Legends, Horizon is a formidable Legend who debuted in the seventh season.
Horizon’s Gravity lift is one of her finest abilities since it allows her to toss a contraption that instantly flings any player inside it into the air.
The Gravity Lift ability underwent several adjustments on January 10 as part of the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event.
Players in Horizon noted that the Legend’s accuracy was abnormally poor while employing the aforementioned tactical skill.

Fans of Horizon, however, should rest assured; developer Respawn Entertainment tweeted that the mistaken balance change has since been reversed.
However, Apex Legends Senior Producer John Metina responded to the tweet suggesting the nerf may have been intended all along, but published prematurely:
“With ALGS right around the corner, there are certain to be some leaks of material that isn’t quite ready for prime time.”

Even before the unintentional nerf, many Apex Legends players thought Horizon was too powerful and should have been nerfed.
Horizon was the go-to Legend for many of the season’s best players, who mostly dominated the season’s competition.
Her skills provide her extraordinary flexibility with almost any downsides.
One of her tactical abilities, Gravity Lift, is very useful in battle royale games since it helps players to quickly and easily ascend to a higher vantage point.
Horizon is a fan favorite across the board thanks to this and the Legend’s Spacewalk passive ability, which boosts her aerial speed.

Based on the previous developments, players expect a new Horizon nerf to be implemented shortly.
In the meanwhile, the Spellbound Collection Event, which introduced numerous new Legendary skins and brought back the much-loved Control mode for a brief time, will continue to be a highlight for players.
Although Season 15 of Apex Legends is expected to wrap up on February 14, 2023, the Spellbound Collection Event will run from January 10 through January 24.

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