Cute Tiki Bar Area Is Made by a Disney Dreamlight Valley Player

A player in Disney Dreamlight Valley makes the most of the beach space by building their own tiki bar in the style of Maui from the movie Moana.

In the game Disney Dreamlight Valley, one player made a tiki bar on the beach. In the game, players continue to show off their creativity by changing the look of the valley and their clothes. The player said that their Disney Dreamlight Valley creation could give other people ideas if they want to make something similar.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation and adventure game that gives players a lot of freedom to explore the world, change their avatars, and complete quests. Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s developer, Gameloft, took away the “exhaustion” effect, which made the game much more fun and better overall. There are also many well-known Disney characters, like Goofy, Moana, and Elsa, that you could meet and make friends with. Most of them have things that players can use to, among other things, decorate their homes.

Players don’t always know what to do with the Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts they get, like the Maui statue they can get from the Heart of Dreamlight Valley quest. Reddit user OnyxRain0831 made a tiki bar, which they named Maui’s Tiki Bar. It has tables and chairs, drinks served in coconuts, a fake waterfall, and a statue of Maui standing in front of a wall of plants.

The player said that the bar is still being worked on and that they are still adding things to it. In the comments, they also said that they wanted to change the jungle around the bar and build a path to it that goes across the water to Skull Rock island. Still, they told other Disney Dreamlight Valley players that they could copy the design for their own beaches and that they could change theirs in any way they wanted.

The post about the tiki bar was met with kind words and questions from players who wanted to know how to get certain items. One person even asked if Disney characters could hang out there, which would be a cool thing to see. Overall, the Disney Dreamlight Valley community subreddit has been a good place to talk. If the players are more creative, the valleys will be more beautiful.

Players can also play around with colors, accents, and accessories to make their outfits fit a certain theme in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” the mermaid dress from “Animal Crossing: New Horizon,” and even Pikachu from “Pokemon” have all been used as inspiration for recent clothes. Since the game is still in early access, players can expect to see more ways to customize it and new characters soon.

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