Dead Space Remake Gives Closer Look at Isaac’s New Face

The latest teaser for the forthcoming Dead Space remake gives viewers their best look yet at the character’s new appearance, which involves a drastic alteration to his face.
In spite of promises to remain “mostly true” to the original game, significant alterations are being made to Dead Space.
So far, it appears like Isaac Clarke will be the focus of many of the major changes planned for the Dead Space remake.

Isaac was once a silent protagonist in the first Dead Space game.
Looking back at the franchise as a whole, it’s a little strange that EA opted to give Isaac a voice in the Dead Space sequels when he didn’t have one in the first game.
The addition of Isaac’s voice to the Dead Space remake should make him a more engaging protagonist than he was in the 1996 original.
Although Gunner Wright’s return as Isaac Clarke’s voice actor in the Dead Space remake was met with excitement by many fans, others have been less than thrilled by the character’s new appearance.

Although fans of the Dead Space reboot have known for some time that Isaac will be sporting a new appearance in the upcoming game, this current teaser offers their best look at his new face yet.
The launch video for Dead Space shows a very different appearance for Isaac in the remade game.
As contrast to his former appearance, he now has red hair and a longer, narrower face.
Perhaps EA Motive felt that Isaac’s initial design was too generic for the Dead Space reboot, although this has yet to be confirmed.
Whatever the reason, fans’ reactions to the new look have been varied.

A user on Twitter by the name of RuleTimeSpace has published a side-by-side comparison of Isaac from the first Dead Space and the remake.
This highlights how different Isaac looks in the 2023 game from his initial design, but it shouldn’t be too much of a dealbreaker.
Isaac’s face will be seen in a few sequences, but he will spend much of the remade Dead Space game hidden behind a suit.

The Dead Space suit from the original game is returning for the remake, thus Isaac will be wearing heavy armor from head to toe for the most of the game.
Given this, it’s likely that many players who get the game later this month won’t even notice the alterations to Isaac’s face.

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