Death and Rebirth: All Character Devastation and the Best Endings

Depending on your choices, the atmosphere of As Dusk Falls might shift considerably. In Interior Night’s criminal drama, these are the possible destinations for each of the characters.

There are several paths to take in As Dusk Falls and each path has a different outcome depending on the choices you make. Talking about the events of the game with your friends can disclose fresh information about the characters and reveal whole alternate outcomes for Jay, Zoe, Vince, and the rest of the cast in the game as an entire. As Dusk Falls has 13 people whose lives may be irreversibly altered over the course of the six-episode narrative, this guide will lead you through every conceivable conclusion for each of them. Here is a list of every character’s probable fate in As Dusk Falls, from death to divorce to imprisonment.
Walker, Vince
Including three fatalities, there are seven endings.

There are seven different outcomes for Vince, three of which result in his death. During your struggle with Dante in the hotel toilet, if you fail the quick-time event, Vince will be electrocuted and die. Tyler has the ability to submerge him in the pool during the standoff that follows the battle with Dante. If, when Tyler and Sharon are conversing outside the car, Vince is held captive by the Holts and does not sneak out of the backseat, he will perish in the subsequent car collision in the fourth episode.

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A corporate position or a flying school might be feasible options, depending on whether Vince accepts the settlement amount offered by his old company or not (if he decides to take his former employer to court). They will either stay together or get divorced if Vince and Michelle survive the Desert Dream Motel crisis and reunite following Michelle’s adultery.
Jay Holt’s
Two fatalities are among the five possible outcomes.

The youngest Holt, who you find isn’t really a Holt at all, can take a variety of routes, many of which are chaotic. There are three possible outcomes for Jay’s arrest. Clemency is granted to him in one of the cases cited. Execution is another option. If Zoe refuses to forgive him, he flees to Mexico, where he is reported to the police by Zoe.

The outcome of Jay’s apologies will determine whether he lives or dies in Canada, depending on how Zoe responds.
As of this writing, Zoe Walker is still alive.
Include no deaths in six endings.

We know she won’t be alive in 2012 since she’s telling the narrative from her perspective as an elderly woman. Even after that, her life is never in danger; we’re sure you’ll see her again in the sequel. The climaxes of Zoe’s stories are determined by how she handles Jay and what she hopes to achieve professionally. Four endings are available to her, two in prison and the other two in Canada. When she sees Jay in prison, it’s right before he dies. Zoe has the option of either seeing his execution or refusing to do so. In Canada, she has the option of forgiving Jay or turning him into the authorities.

At the end of the novel, Zoe makes a decision about her education based on her mental well-being. She may either stay in journalism school or leave out.
She’s called Michelle Walker, and she’s
Four endings, one of which is the death of a character.

For the most part, Michelle stays around for Zoe to experience her college years, but if she is wounded during the Desert Dream hostage situation and is not treated for her injuries before Vince releases one captive of his choosing, she may not make it. The only way to avoid Michelle being shot by the police when they initially enter the motel is to stay there rather than bolt for the door, which is what Vince instructs the gang to do. While some playthroughs don’t reveal that Michelle truly had an affair, in others, Michelle and Vince can stay married if they both survive the hotel and had already resolved their differences surrounding Michelle’s infidelity. Michelle remarries if she divorces Vince or if he dies, which is something Zoe doesn’t like.
In the unlikely event that both Michelle and Vince make it through the night unscathed, their futures may still be separate.
In the unlikely event that both Michelle and Vince make it through the night unscathed, their futures may still be separate.
In the words of Sharon Holt:
Two endings, both of which do not feature any fatalities.

Despite the fact that the matriarch of the Holt family is immune to death in As Dusk Falls, things aren’t perfect for her. Alternatively, she flees to Mexico on her own in the first ending. Then there’s the one when she’s on the run with Paul. Paul’s behavior when Dante visits his trailer will determine these outcomes. The worst-case scenario for Sharon is if she gets apprehended while attempting to run and is subsequently imprisoned.
With no one dying, there are three possible outcomes.

Paul can’t die, like his former (and possibly future) sweetheart, but he may not have a charmed existence in the end. If Paul and Sharon succeed in their plan to flee the trailer, they will be able to travel to Mexico together. There is a chance he may be captured there as Sharon departs alone, or he could side with Dante and hand Sharon up to the police.
No one is killed in any of the five endings.

It doesn’t matter what happens to Jay’s co-conspirator and prospective girlfriend, because her life will be eternally altered by the fugitive’s presence in hers. To get away, she can go to Canada with Jay, who claims in a conversation with Zoe that she will leave him six years down the road. In the National Park, she might also be arrested with Jay. During his final cliff jump to freedom, Jay is able to leave Vanessa behind at two spots in the National Park. Vanessa may also be granted freedom if Jay does. Much of this hinges on whether or not Jay reveals his identity the next night. If her father doesn’t tell her that Jay is a fugitive, Vanessa will remain by Jay’s side through all of the challenges that lie ahead. Jay needs to tell her.
Tyler Holt is the name of this person.
Three endings, one of which is a fatality.

Tyler has three possible endings, all of which are depressing. If Joyce’s son, Ash, tells Dante about his family’s cabin, he can die there. Even if he manages to evade capture and avoid incarceration, he still has a limited amount of freedom even if he does so: As he works on an offshore oil platform, he maintains a low profile and appears to be separated from his relatives. While they argue in the woods, Jay can only be prosecuted for letting Tyler fall from a tree and fracturing his leg if he does so.
In the words of Dale
Two separate endings, one of which includes two fatalities.

No matter what happens, Dale will never wake up the morning after the hostage situation begins since his fate is predetermined. However, the player has considerable control over when this will occur. Tyler will be shot in the head if Vince doesn’t tell him about the police sniper. Dale’s life will only last a short time if Vince does warn him since he will be shot and murdered in the final hotel gunfight. There is no way for Dale and his family to get to their escape automobile.
Two endings, one of which includes the death of a character

The Holt clan’s missing father figure has two simple endings, and players may pick which one at a single moment. When Jay discovers Bear’s suicide note as he is making his way to the shed to hang himself, he runs to the shed in a panic. He has the option of either cutting Bear down or letting him murder himself when he arrives.
The worst potential outcome for the Holt family is for all four of the men to die while Sharon is imprisoned.
The worst potential outcome for the Holts would be for all four of the men to die while Sharon is imprisoned for her role in the conspiracy.

Any way you look at it, the heist and subsequent hostage scenario will go on regardless of whether or not Bear Holt recovers from his injuries in the hospital.
When it comes to Jim Walker, he’s
Two endings, both of which do not feature any fatalities.

The connection between Vince’s father and son can shift depending on how well the two of them get along throughout the plot, even if you can only learn a portion of his secrets in any given play. If Vince is still alive in the conclusion, Jim can either be alienated from him or still be friendly with him.

Jim appears to have been shot just as Zoe arrives to visit him at the end of the game, which sets up a sequel in the series’ future.
Two endings, one of which includes the death of a character

To either shoot and murder or save Desert Dream Motel’s manager, it all depends on a single scenario. When the police sniper gets his sights set on Dale, you have the option of warning him or not, as Vince. Unless you warn Tyler, he’ll shoot Joyce in vengeance for what you’ve done to him. If you tell Dale about the sniper, he’ll duck and escape, saving both Joyce and the Holts.
Sam the Great
Three endings, one of which is a fatality.

Big How you handle this moment in the game’s first episode will affect whether or not Sam lives or dies in the process. The only way Sam will know about Joyce’s bleeding earring is if you conceal it. As long as you let him see it, he’ll secretly call for backup when he departs, after telling Vince that he intends to do so. A firefight with the Holt family will ensue if Sam decides to take on their gang head-on.
Ending with a Bang

The “greatest” ending is subjective, of course, but for the most part, players consider it to be “the one with the fewest deaths.” For those who want to finish As Dusk Falls without anyone dying, here’s a fast guide on how to do that. Sorry Dale, but this isn’t for you.

With Vince, you have to:

Accept Michelle’s betrayal and move forward.
Don’t tell Big Sam that you’re being kept captive by Joyce’s bloodied earring.
Be on the lookout for the sniper’s red dot aimed directly at Dale.
Jim, whenever you can, make things right with your father.
The airline can be sued.
When the cops storm the hotel, don’t flee.
After the bus disaster, survive Dante’s onslaught.
When challenged by the Holts by the pool, put down your firearm.
When Sharon and Tyler are bickering outside the Holts’ automobile, get out of the car.

With Jay, you have to:

Please intervene to prevent Bear from committing suicide.
When Tyler begins to fall off the tree, intervene.
Be as truthful as possible with Vanessa, but avoid being possessive of her while the party is going on.
Vanessa and I will go swimming at the National Park.

It is necessary to:

Keep the Holts’ cabin a secret from Dante.

Zoe demands that you:

When Jay is able to flee to Canada, make things right with him.

With Paul, you must:

Take Sharon with you and help her leave.

As a result, you will be able to rescue all lives imaginable, while also keeping all the characters out of jail. However, if you’re searching for a happy ending for as many people as possible, this is it. If that’s not enough justice for you, then feel free to alter it according to your moral code.

Thirteen major and subsidiary characters have an overall total of 48 different possible outcomes; Dante is not included in this list because he always lives and has only one possible outcome. Depending on your decisions, eight characters might either survive or die. As Dusk Falls is a complicated story tree with numerous branches, we hope this breakdown will help make sense of it all. Check out our As Dusk Falls review for more on Interior Night’s debut.

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