Denuvo, an anti-piracy program, has been announced for use on Switch.

At the moment, a number of different PC games make use of the program.

The anti-cheat and digital rights management (DRM) software Denuvo will soon be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Irdeto, the company that developed Denuvo, recently revealed in a press release that the software will now protect Nintendo Switch games from being pirated.

Irdeto states in their article that “Nintendo consoles have traditionally struggled from piracy concerns,” and “the Switch is no different.” “Even if a game is secured against piracy on its PC version, the version that was launched on Switch can be emulated and played on PC from the moment it was released.”

Denuvo will prevent this emulation from occurring and will make it such that in order to play a game, a valid copy of the title is required.

Denuvo is a well-known piece of anti-piracy software that has been included in some of the most recent major PC releases. However, it is known that the software may hinder the performance of a game, and the demand that it be always online has caused many gaming groups to view it with a negative attitude.

When Resident Evil Village for PC was published with Denuvo, for instance, hackers discovered that it created performance difficulties. This is a well-known case. After some time, Capcom distributed a patch that included certain alterations to the anti-piracy software in question.

Irdeto is working on a solution to combat the piracy of people who upload Nintendo Switch games to the internet in order to make them compatible with emulators. A step that is consistent with the hard-line attitude that Nintendo takes against piracy.

Nintendo has in the past taken legal action against websites that contain pirated games, and as a result, the company has been awarded millions of dollars in compensation and was able to effectively shut down websites that hosted pirated games.

There has been no announcement on when the anti-piracy software will be installed or for specific games; furthermore, we won’t know about any potential effects on performance until it is made available.

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