Destiny 2 Community Event Completed in 25 Hours Thanks to Glitch

When it comes to community events, the Destiny 2 community has a history of discovering methods to game the system through a combination of flaws and teamwork, and the most recent event the community has been able to finish is no exception.
Even in the game’s calmer moments, the community gathers together for events like Niobe Labs, the Corridors of Time, and the Empyrean Foundation.
A similar thing has happened with the Elikisni Quarter, which is in better shape currently than at any time since the Eliksni were given the area in the Season of the Splicer.

Eramis, who had been put on ice for almost a year after the conclusion of the Beyond Light campaign, returned to the figurative chessboard in Destiny 2’s most recent season, Season of Plunder.
As the Guardians pursued Eramis across the system to reclaim many relics, the season’s plot featured several key disclosures, including the horrific past of Mithrax and Nezerac being a pupil of The Witness.
After rescuing Mithrax’s daughter Eido from the Lucent Brood, Eramis was finally stopped, but not before he appeared to have begun a path to redemption as the former Kell of Darkness.

Rebuilding the Eliksni Quarter was supposed to be the final community event of the season, but it was completed in around 25 hours.
Skarrow9, a content provider, brought attention to a bug that players are exploiting to rig the event by spamming out treasure coordinates using the Captain’s Atlas and some treasure maps.
As a result, users were able to speedrun the community event thanks to a limitless supply of coordinate donations made possible by the issue.

As with other recent events, the Destiny 2 community was able to spam and finish the main objective in “record speed,” although this is not the first time this has happened.
After so many occurrences in the game, it’s just a matter of time before something similar happens again.
Season 19 will lead into the debut of Lightfall in early 2023, so another event might take place as soon as then; a community event could help set the stage for the unveiling of Neptune.

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