EA Kills Off Any Hope Of A Sequel To The Iconic Game

EA dashes hopes by canceling a sequel to a popular favorite despite already possessing the necessary components. EA-Games-Cover-1 Electronic Arts has decided not to release a sequel to a fan-favorite video game. It appears that further changes inside Electronic Arts are on the horizon, since the business has just fired off additional people owing to a disappointing trend in the gaming sector. With the recent announcement of the shutdown of more services for its older games, Electronic Arts appears to be reprioritizing its investment in its back catalogue of titles. While the company’s long-term ambitions have been kept under wraps, a recent tweet seems to indicate that the publisher has turned down funding for yet another cult favorite. Electronic Arts has decided not to publish Alice: Asylum. A follow-up to American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns, Alice: Asylum has been eagerly anticipated. American McGee said in a tweet that his team had contacted EA for financing or licensing. The publisher’s decision to pass on the project was unfortunately justified by current market conditions, specifics of the production proposal, and the findings of an internal investigation of the IP. Although early concept art for Alice: Asylum was made available on the game’s Patreon website, this was not enough to secure funding for the project. Recently, American McGee contacted Electronic Arts in an effort to gain their backing for the IP. The outcome of the meeting has been revealed, and new information has emerged from the publisher’s reply. Requests for licensing were made in addition to the denial of financing. However, EA had also said that selling or licensing Alice was out of the question at the present because it is an integral element of the company’s broader game portfolio. Uncertainty in today’s video game industry has prompted publishers to reevaluate their investments in IP, which seems to have cost the world a fantastic game like Alice: Asylum. Even though it appears like everyone is crazy with remakes and sequels to popular franchises, EA seems to have other things on its plate. Fans will have to wait to find out if this sequel is truly dead or if the property is only closed for the time being. American McGee has put the game’s Patreon page on indefinite hiatus. He also stated that the funding option was being withdrawn. Despite McGee’s announcement that the game is over for the time being and his subsequent thanks to those who worked on the completed materials, many players remain hopeful that a successor may be developed at some point.

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