Elden Ring Invader Recreates Familiar Dark Souls NPC Invader

When one Elden Ring invader recreates a recognizable NPC invader from Dark Souls, complete with weapons and armor, it may strike dread into the hearts of seasoned FromSoftware gamers.
The extent to which players may replicate their favorite characters with Elden Ring’s character customizer and the range of its apparel is amazing, as demonstrated by the fact that one player was able to make Naruto’s Itachi.
Many gamers will go to great lengths to mimic their favorite characters, even going so far as to try to replicate their character’s unique set of moves.
So did one invader, bringing a scene familiar to Dark Souls fans into player vs player combat.

The next video shows them defeating a large number of Elden Ring opponents, typically by stunning them and then landing the killing blow.
Numerous commenters remarked on the invader’s excellent parrying skills.
Even though some people thought their music selection was superb, they all agreed that the video’s gameplay was superb.

Elden Ring features references to earlier FromSoftware games, such as the famed Patches and the Moonlight Greatsword, although the return of certain popular characters will depend on the ingenuity of the player community.
While this video doesn’t completely showcase the incredible degree of customization that Elden Ring offers, it does depict a scene that will be familiar to many players of Dark Souls, whether it’s a happy or sad one.

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