Enhanced functionality for Xbox Quick Resume on Series X/S consoles

Improvements to the wonderful Quick Resume technology, which makes it quick to move between, or hop back into, your favorite games, are the highlight of the most recent update for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Quick Resume makes use of significant developments in the architecture of current-gen consoles to let players switch games and pick up where they left off without having to restart.

It’s a time-saver to not have to reload the game’s menus or your saved game file, and it effectively freezes the game(s) in place.

The March update, which is presently being rolled out to both platforms, allows players to pin two games to the Quick Resume menu, making it even quicker to reach the games that are often played. When a game is pinned to the Quick Resume list, it will remain there until either the user removes it or the game is updated.

Keep both Forza Horizon 5 and Elden Ring handy for when you want a break from killing people. Microsoft outlines the new functionality in a post on the Xbox Wire site.

To “pin” a game to your Quick Resume list, “choose it anywhere you see your Quick Resume group, click the Menu button, and pick Pin to Quick Resume,” explains Jonathan Hildebrandt of the Xbox Experiences team. If you have pinned two games, you will be prompted to choose which one to unpin.

In addition, the Share button on the Xbox Wireless Controller can now be remapped thanks to the March update. A new Xbox Accessories software adds the necessary capabilities. You may change its default functionality to bring up your friends list, and your accomplishments, or to mute the TV.
Brand-Spanking-New Xbox Audio Configuration Assistant

New Xbox Audio Setup Wizard

The firm has now implemented an audio set-up wizard to guarantee that your console is producing the highest quality sound possible.

With the audio setup wizard, you can “test and validate your HDMI audio format, test all your speakers connected to your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and create the best possible settings for your specific A/V setup,” as Hildebrandt puts it.

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