Fight in the Elden Ring Comes to a Disappointing Conclusion

The anticlimactic conclusion to a difficult boss encounter in the Elden Ring makes for some much-needed laughs. night’s-cavalry-standing-there-menacingly An Elden Ring player and their opponent engage in a fierce battle that finishes in the most anticlimactic way conceivable. Over the course of a player’s many hours in The Lands Between, several fights take place in Elden Ring. There is no limit to the various experiences a player might have, from the high-level players who die 300 times to the ever-powerful Malenia, Blade of Miquella, to the hundreds of monsters one could battle and the minor opponents who are strewn around the landscape. However, these suspenseful battles, in which participants will be fighting for survival, may not necessarily have a satisfying conclusion. The Night’s Cavalry, a mounted knight armed with a flail or halberd, is one of the lesser but nonetheless formidable monsters players may face. Multiples appear often throughout the game and present formidable challenges to the unprepared player. The player can expect a tough fight, barring the unlikely death of a Night’s Cavalry member. Since they are mounted on horses, they are more agile and powerful than their opponents. At least, such was the hope of one participant, but alas, it was not to be. In a video posted to r/Eldenring, user Gojira6832 can be seen fighting a Night’s Cavalry member while disguised as a Crucible Knight, another formidable foe from Elden Ring. The combat appears to be going well, with the player receiving significant damage but recovering quickly after a drink. The Night’s Cavalry appears out of nowhere and rides down the cliff adjacent to some nearby ruins and then disappears from sight. They stagger for a second before collapsing and handing the player the victory and 84,000 runes. Many commenters made jokes about the circumstance, suggesting that the Night’s Cavalry was sad or running away, while others talked about their own experiences playing Crucible Knight. Even though this case is out of the ordinary, there have been previous confirmed tales of Night’s Cavalry leaping from high places. Perhaps this is because of their AI’s failure to take into consideration ruins that are separated by strips of land. Many players would like it if they were guaranteed to win tough battles in Elden Ring. They may have jumped down a cliff, gotten trapped, and been killed to avoid soft locks, or something similar. Whatever it is, while it is always wonderful to win easily every once in a while, it might lead to the dismal conclusion of many encounters.

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