Genshin Impact Leak Shows Gameplay for New Boss in Version 3.4

The gameplay of the Wind-Bitten Sandworm, a new fight in Version 3.4, has been leaked in a new issue of Genshin Impact, giving fans their first glimpse at the boss.
Version 3.0 of HoYoVerse, which introduced the new Sumeru area, also brought with it a slew of new adversaries for players to face.
So far, Sumeru has introduced the Balladeer weekly boss and four new world bosses dispersed over the area.
Now, with the next patch, a brand-new boss will be introduced.

Many new bosses, each with their own special abilities, have been added to Genshin Impact’s most recent zone throughout the course of its updates.
A few monsters, such as the Jadeplume Terrorshroom and the Matrix boss in the desert, have unique responses to each of Genshin’s elements, while others, such as the Dendro Hypostasis, can only be defeated by using the Dendro element.
Some, like the Aeonblight Drake, have stuck to the tried-and-true formula of the game while including novel features, such as resilience to the elements and the ability to fly.
In this case, Genshin’s next superior is reminiscent of his immediate before.

A video of the new monster, the Wind-Bitten Sandworm, fighting in an underground desert arena was just posted to the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit.
The monster looks like a massive worm that burrows underground; its tail resembles the crest on the heads of the Regisvine opponents Genshin already faces.
The video depicts the monster rising from the earth and diving into the dunes, where gamers have taken advantage of its brief time above ground to inflict harm.
With the extension of Sumeru’s desert in Version 3.4, the Wind-Bitten Sandworm may arrive in Genshin Impact.

As the game’s newest boss, the Wind-Bitten Sandworm plans to implement some subterranean elements, and its temporary invulnerability wouldn’t be the first of its kind.
The Ruin Serpent, which first appeared in Version 2.6, offers a comparable kind of play thanks to the gigantic machine’s subterranean tunneling.
The Sandworm’s attacking strategy remains unknown, and it is notable that none of its assaults were revealed in the first disclosure.
The gameplay demonstrates more of Yaoyao, who will also be introduced in Version 3.4, during the confrontation with the Sandworm.

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