Genshin Impact Switch Trailer is 3 Years Old and the Game Still Isn’t Out

Genshin Impact, a very popular gacha game that was planned for the Nintendo Switch three years ago but has yet to release on the platform, is a prime example.
Genshin Impact’s open world has been compared favorably to the Switch’s own Breath of the Wild, so it seems sense that many Switch owners would welcome the opportunity to play the game on their preferred system.
They’ve been waiting for a long time, unfortunately, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight.

An official trailer for the Switch version of Genshin Impact was released in January of 2020.
The short teaser showcased the game’s amazing visuals and featured recognizable Genshin Impact characters like Paimon.
At the conclusion, it said that Genshin Impact will be “coming soon” to the Nintendo Switch, but as of this writing, the port still hadn’t been released.
In truth, the Genshin Impact Switch port hasn’t had much attention since the initial trailer was released.

It’s been three years since the announcement of a Genshin Impact Switch version, and we’re still waiting for it.
Since it was reported that Genshin Impact would be coming to Switch, a lot has happened in the game’s universe.
Genshin Impact’s PS5 native version has been launched, new locations have been added, miHoYo has been renamed HoYoverse, and many more characters and weaponry have been added.
There has been so much anticipation for the Genshin Impact Switch adaptation that rumors of a Switch replacement console have surfaced.

There has been talk about a possible 2024 release date for a Switch replacement system.
If that’s the case, HoYoverse may be better off concentrating on that medium.
Though the Switch’s large user base may be fantastic for Genshin Impact, a new Switch device would likely be simpler to create content for, especially since the free-to-play action RPG has grown in scope and complexity over the years.

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