Guide for Honkai: Star Rail – Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest

Easily navigate the Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest in Honkai: Star Rail with this helpful walkthrough. Quest Objective: Find Broken Cart Parts in Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest

Completing many of the quests and missions in Honkai: Star Rail can be challenging. While some are easy, others require thorough exploration, which can make the gameplay tedious. The “Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest” in Honkai: Star Rail takes players to Jarilo-VI’s Great Mine for completion. However, this quest is only accessible to players with Trailblaze Level 14 or higher.

The Ones Fallen Into the Abyss quest involves extensive searching and traveling throughout the map. Players must find two specific mine cart items, solve puzzles, and battle powerful enemies. This quest is the eighth quest of “In the Withering Wintry Night,” which is Chapter 1 of the Trailblaze Mission. It includes facing several Automatons, solving puzzles, and provides generous rewards upon completion. Without further delay, here is a guide on how Honkai: Star Rail enthusiasts can complete the quest.

Honkai: Star Rail players should first head towards the entrance of the Great Mine. When they approach it, they can interact with Seele to begin the quest. Inside the mine, Natasha will be waiting for players, and interacting with her triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene ends, the new “Relics” feature will unlock, and players should equip the Relics to proceed.

With the Relic feature activated, the next step is to explore the depths of the mine. Honkai: Star Rail players must ascend the ramp and cross the large bridge without wasting time. Along the way, they will encounter a sleeping man named Peak and later Elaine. Interacting with both characters will reveal the location of Oleg and the other robots.

Continuing down the path, quest participants will encounter multiple Vagrants and obtain the Home-Use Object Finder, also known as Findie. Findie will greatly assist in the quest. After crossing the bridge, players will reach a fork.

Take the side path, locate a broken robot, and interact with it. This activates the “Magnetic flux connector” puzzle, and the robot will start moving once solved. Players must follow the Honkai: Star Rail robot, pass through the small tunnel, and turn right to find a valuable chest.

Once the Honkai: Star Rail chest is obtained, proceed further inside. Reach the Spatial Anchor, triggering a cutscene. Engage in battle with the enemies and interact with the saved victims. This will lead players to repair a broken cart by following the tracks. Here, Findie comes in handy; pressing the R key activates Findie. Findie’s beam color guides players to the parts they need: green means getting close, yellow means far, and red means moving further away.

The first required part, the Mine Cart Pin, is located near the broken cart. Follow the directions shown by Findie, and the Honkai: Star Rail quest participants will find the Mine Cart Pin on the right side of a small shimmer close to a scaffolding. The second part, the Mine Cart Wheelset, is located near the Clayx. Activate Findie again to pinpoint its precise coordinates. It can be found near a wooden box next to the Calyx dungeon.

Collect these parts and return them to the location of the broken mine cart. Once it is fixed, venture deeper into the mine, where the Direwolf Automaton will block the path. Players need to engage with the Direwolf and defeat it. The Automaton is weak against electric, imaginary, and ice damage. After defeating the Direwolf

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