High on Life Issues New Update

The latest patch for Squanch Games’ goofy space shooter, High on Life, includes a number of bug fixes and some welcome additions.
The news that Squanch Games CEO and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland had been charged with felony domestic abuse in California came just days before this newest update for the irreverent shooter.

While Squanch Games’ prior games, such the virtual reality-focused Trover Saves the Universe, had been well-received, the decision to make High on Life available on Xbox Game Pass from the get-go significantly increased the game’s exposure.
High on Life, a game only available on the PC and Xbox consoles, was released the same year and earned positive reviews from both players and reviewers.
High on Life’s unusual blend of Rick and Morty and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter proved popular with gamers looking for something distinctly different from the military shooters that dominate the genre, despite the fact that a steady stream of juvenile humor and the constant quips from High on Life’s talking guns turned off some players.

Patch #3 for High on Life, published recently, includes improvements for a variety of continuing difficulties with the title, and it also introduces a feature that has been long-requested by PC players.
The patch addresses various non-progression flaws that might cause players to lose all progress and have to restart the game, which is good news for a lot of people.
The patch also addresses a number of less-critical issues that were preventing players from gaining access to certain accomplishments, but were nevertheless frustrating.


With Patch #3, PC players of High on Life may adjust the game’s field of view with the use of a new FOV slider, making the strange sci-fi world even more playable.
Despite the fact that, on PC, players may run the game at greater resolutions and framerates than console players, assuming their gaming PC is strong enough, the game’s previously unmodifiable restricted field of view (FOV) was a source of annoyance for many.
The patch notes add, “Globo now farts more regularly,” a change that is likely to be humorous to players who enjoy the game’s frequent use of scatological humor.

Many first-person shooter aficionados have found High on Life’s unconventional take on the genre to be a welcome change, despite the game’s occasional use of strong language.
The current patch has fixed a number of bugs and made it so that you can’t be caught in Space Applebee’s, so now may be a good time to give this bizarre sci-fi shooter a go.

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