Hogwarts Legacy Will Be Steam Deck Verified

On February 10, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy will debut on PC, Mac, and certain consoles, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch releases to follow at a later date. The game has been verified for Steam Decks.
Some Steam Deck owners may have been left wondering after the release of Hogwarts Legacy’s PC hardware requirements if the game was also Verified.

Early in 2022, Valve debuted the Steam Deck to much fanfare from PC gamers eager to access their Steam library on the go.
While it’s true that any Steam game will run on your handheld device without any additional setup, certain titles simply aren’t optimized for mobile play.
As a result, some gamers constantly check to see if the newest releases have been Steam Deck Verified.

In a tweet, WBGamesSupport stated that Hogwarts Legacy has been verified as a Steam Deck.
Since the Hogwarts “simulator” was first announced in 2020, players have been eager to dive into the Wizarding World realm.
The team behind the game is crossing their fingers that this official word will sway buyers to buy the product.

Warner Bros. already announced the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 performance settings for Hogwarts Legacy.
This is wonderful news for Potter lovers since it confirms that they will have the same experience whether they play on a desktop or a portable device.
These releases, along with the PC version, are planned for the same time, leading fans to assume that all three would use the same engine and be functionally equivalent.
Nevertheless, it seems like this will be one of 2023’s most anticipated games.

Hogwarts Legacy is widely anticipated to be one of 2023’s best-selling video games, since it has generated considerable interest from the gaming community.
Having the opportunity to play the game on several platforms is always appreciated, especially for people who own more than one gaming console, and the game is being released on both next-gen and current-gen systems.
Those hoping to get the whole Hogwarts experience on the go will be pleased to hear that the game will work well on the Steam Deck from day one, with the only other portable choice being the Nintendo Switch, which launches at a later date.

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