Horizon Online Multiplayer Game Confirmed by Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games is presently making plans to extend the setting of its famous action-adventure series, Horizon.
After the events of Horizon: Forbidden West, players will be able to dive into brand new online adventures set in the same universe.

First appearing in 2017, with Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4, the Horizon series has been around for a while.
The game, created by Guerrilla Games, featured the courageous Aloy, a young woman in a future when deadly robotics resembling familiar species like dinosaurs are commonplace.
Later in 2017, an add-on called The Frozen Wilds was released, and this year, the sequel Horizon: Forbidden West was released for the PS4 and PS5.

According to a new staff drive the business announced on Twitter, Guerrilla has big ambitions for the Horizon series in the future.
The business stated that they have a new internal team in Amsterdam working on “a different Online Project set in Horizon’s universe,” which would have “a fresh cast of characters and a unique styled design.”
The Horizon Forbidden West downloadable pack, set to release in 2023 and focus on a post-apocalyptic Hollywood, is probably what the description is referring to when it talks about single-player content.

When it comes to PlayStation 5 and related hardware, Sony is putting a lot of faith in the Horizon series.
Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 will not receive the Burning Shores downloadable content, while Horizon Call of the Mountain is now being readied as a PlayStation VR2 launch game.
Despite failing to take home any hardware at this year’s The Game Awards, Horizon: Forbidden West has a strong reputation that will likely continue to grow far into 2023 and beyond.

Understandably few information is available on the potential structure of an online Horizon, although it’s possible that it may take inspiration from Death Stranding.
However, Guerrilla might opt to include asynchronous online in the series’ third chapter, making it possible for players to raid the wilds together in the online title but also play other games at the same time.
The potential is enormous, and if history is any indicator, fans of the Horizon series will be eagerly awaiting Sony and Guerrilla Games’ future moves.

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