Incredible Fan-Created Paradox Poliwrath Forms for Pokemon

An artist and Pokemon fan has conceptualized the first-generation Water-type Pokemon Poliwrath in its Paradox form. pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-paradox-poliwrath-fan-art Someone who plays Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and is also an artist decided to make a Paradox idea for the first-generation Pokemon Poliwrath. The artist then shared their creation with other Pokemon lovers on social media, where they were praised for their ingenuity and skill. Poliwrath, or the Tadpole Pokemon, is a Water/Fighting type that made its debut in the Game Boy games Pokemon Red and Blue. It’s one of the last forms of the Poliwag series and the sole Pokemon of that kind until Keldeo debuted in Pokemon Black and White. At level 25, Poliwag develops into Poliwhirl, which gains arms. However, beginning with Pokemon Gold and Silver, Poliwhirl has had two separate evolutions, each of which can only be obtained in a unique way. Water Stones may transform Poliwhirl into its more destructive form, Poliwrath. Alternately, a Poliwhirl clutching a King’s Rock can undergo an in-trade evolution into a Politoed, resulting in a Pokémon that looks nothing like any other Poliwag. One artist opted to include features from the whole Poliwag family into the creation of a new Paradox Pokemon based on Poliwrath. A Reddit user going by the handle of HertzBurst proposed the idea of a Paradox Poliwrath in the r/pokemon forum. HertzBurst decided to call their new product “Iron Swirl,” after the distinctive pattern found on the underside of every Poliwag. In addition, HertzBurst forged Poliwrath to be a dual-type Water/Steel monster. Like the other Future Paradox Pokemon, Iron Swirl would only be available to Pokemon Violet if it were real. HertzBurst’s version of Poliwrath keeps the furious look from the original but gives the eyes a robotic, LED-like appearance. Iron Swirl’s design also incorporated Politoed’s curled antenna on its head and its green torso, fingers, and toes. Iron Swirl, in theory, is the only Future Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it is the only Pokemon with a Water and Steel dual type (other than Empoleon). HertzBurst, on the other hand, was praised in the comments for adding Politoed in the design of Iron Swirl and garnered over 1,200 upvotes on r/pokemon for their efforts. While the Tadpole Pokemon has been honored in the past, such as with a tattoo inspired by fan art of Poliwrath, the Tadpole Pokemon is often overlooked by the Pokemon fan community. It is unknown at this moment if the Poliwag line will reappear in the upcoming The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Artists like HertzBurst have certain that Poliwrath will not be forgotten by the Pokemon fan community any time soon.

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