Long Awaited Pokemon Game May Finally Be Getting Revealed

About four years after its announcement, the long-awaited Pokemon video game may soon be available to fans.
It’s unusual for Pokemon-related news to go unmentioned following an announcement, but that’s exactly what’s happened here, and no new information of note has been shared about the game.

Since the revelation, fans have been wondering what the secret Pokemon game is about, but they’ve had enough to keep them occupied within the same genre.
Since its announcement, we’ve gotten Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo Switch as well as newer entries like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the debut of Pokemon Masters EX, the series’ decision to finish Ash’s arc, and remakes of older games.
Some, though, remember the game and are curious as to its fate.

This game, called Pokemon Sleep, was revealed in May of 2019.
It was supposed to debut the next year in 2019, but 2020 came and went without any developments.
Yet, many Pokemon fans may have overlooked it as just another release being delayed due to the widespread cancellation and postponement of gaming projects in 2020 due to COVID-19.
The official Pokémon Sleep website has now been modified to link to the new Pokemon Presents website.

To give fans something to look forward to, Pokemon Presents will be introducing new Pokemon material.
It will probably talk about downloadable content for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, as well as future games and maybe even the new anime.
With the main website for Pokemon Sleep now leading there, it seems likely that The Pokémon Company is preparing to launch the app to the public.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic, who were working together on the app, have not commented on the website redesign.
Some have voiced worries that the page redirection is only an easy method to make use of an underutilized website, while others have speculated that the domain may have been sold and is simply forwarding by way of a troll.
WHOIS records, however, suggest that the domain name has not been resold since it was first registered in 2019.

The release of Pokemon Sleep, if it ever happens, would be a cool thing for any Pokémon lover to look forward to.
With the help of the Pokemon GO Plus+, Pokemon Sleep aims to make getting some shut-eye more like a game.
A datamining operation has also shown that the game has clear ties to Pokemon GO.
Few days remain until the Pokemon Presents event, and by then, fans will know whether or not Pokemon Sleep is coming.

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