Marvel’s Avengers Corrupted Vibranium Event Returns And Big Marketplace Update (Week 115) (Week 115)

Marvel’s Avengers players have a week to complete the Corrupted Vibranium event and get Thor and Hawkeye skins.

It’s safe to say that this week’s Marvel’s Avengers update will be a treat for those who have stuck with the action game through its many iterations. Week #115 features the return of a much-loved event, the opportunity to get a stylish Hawkeye outfit, and the return of certain highly sought-after products from the game’s Marketplace.

In honor of the theatrical premiere of Wakanda Forever, the Corrupted Vibranium event is shifting the game’s focus back to Wakanda, where players can partake in previous activities to receive unique gifts throughout the course of the next two weeks. Players of Marvel’s Avengers can now plunge into these pursuits and begin their grinds toward the associated completion rewards.

Those who play the Square Enix game can log in right now to check out the new content (including the aforementioned quests and Marketplace products). If Thor is one of your most used heroes, you may be tempted to spend some of your hard-earned gold on this week’s Marketplace offerings because they include another popular Ragnarok-inspired MCU costume.
Weekly Updates

For the next two weeks, you may look forward to the return of the Corrupted Vibranium event! Throughout the world, spires made of corrupted Vibranium have begun to grow. Arm yourself and investigate these anomalies to gain potent equipment for your favorite Heroes.
You don’t build muscles like that by missing your training! This week, if you take Thor into battle against AIM, you’ll receive triple experience points for showing your stuff.
Manifests have been reloaded! Replacing last week’s Specialty Item is Hawkeye’s ‘Time Runs Out’ Outfit. Up to the reset the next week, you can acquire this Outfit, and it will be automatically awarded after you make your 25th claim.

Developments in the Market

Thor’s ‘Roadworn’ Outfit, depicting the God of Thunder with an incredible trophy, has just arrived to the Marketplace, and it was inspired by the recent Marvel Studios film Thor: Ragnarok.
The free Marketplace item this week is a Hero’s Catalyst that grants double experience to Heroes for two hours. The XP bonus from this and Thor’s Triple XP are cumulative.

Just much everything new players of Marvel’s Avengers need to know to make it through the week and get the most out of their experience has been covered above. If you want to acquire all the Corrupted Vibranium awards before the event ends in a few weeks, you’ll need to keep an eye on the event missions and their deadlines. While playing, keep an eye on the current objectives and complete them as you normally would to finish most tasks.

Current release platforms for Marvel’s Avengers include PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S.

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