Neil Druckmann’s Parents ‘Finally Experienced’ The Last of Us

The Last of Us TV program has premiered, and game director Neil Druckmann is ecstatic to tell everyone that his parents “finally experienced” what he helped build.
Even though the public release of The Last of Us Episode 1 isn’t until January 15, Druckmann was able to provide his parents a preview of the game on Monday.
If The Last of Us had been a game alone, this might not have occurred.

Druckmann tells Vanity Fair that his parents will never get to play The Last of Us, despite his pride in the game.
He is a member of the first generation of gamers, and he notes that his parents “don’t play video games.”
Still, Druckmann’s parents may “finally experience” what he’s produced thanks to the TV program adaptation of The Last of Us.
As the film’s Monday premiere, Druckmann treated his parents to a ticket.

The premiere of The Last of Us was attended by more than just Duckmann’s parents.
Druckmann claims that the devs at Naughty Dog were also able to see the show.
The premiere of the series was seen by “hundreds” of Druckmann’s coworkers at Naughty Dog.
I suppose they got to see their effort fulfilled to such a magnificent degree,” adds Druckmann.
He continued by saying that a few of his coworkers had really started crying.
An animator even sent Druckmann a mail claiming that two moments were faithfully replicated in the program.

It must be an emotional occasion for Druckmann, who has dedicated so much time and energy to developing both the video game and the television adaptation of The Last of Us.
Not only have his parents seen his work across mediums, but so have the people who worked on The Last of Us who may not have seen it otherwise.

It won’t be long until The Last of Us is available for watching by everyone, from fans of the video games to people who may have never heard of the series had it not been adapted for television.
Episode one will premiere on HBO Max on January 15, with further episodes premiering weekly.
Druckmann did more than just co-create The Last of Us; he also directed the second episode and co-wrote the first.

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