New PS5 Set for 2023 Release

Next year, Sony will release a new, small PlayStation 5, along with Nvidia’s 4000 series GeForce GPUs, updated visuals for Cyberpunk, and an Iron Man game from EA.

Has Sony officially announced the PlayStation 5 Slim? New (expensive) graphics cards from Nvidia, updated Cyberpunk for those cards, and yet another Marvel video game reveal. Everything you need to know, as reported on today’s GameSpot News.

According to recent information from Tom Henderson of Insider-Gaming, the PlayStation 5 will get a new iteration in 2023 with a removable disc drive. Based on information obtained by the site’s investigators, the manufacture of this updated PS5 model began shortly after the console’s release in November 2020.

The revised design apparently has a removable disc drive that plugs into a USB-C connection on the PS5’s rear. The site continued to state that the PS5 will be sold separately or in a bundle with the removable disc drive, while the speculated disc drives will be made available for purchase on their own.

A new PlayStation 5 model is rumoured to be “slimmer and lighter” than the PS4. There was no mention of cost in the study.

Nvidia has released its 4000 series cards if that isn’t enough hardware for you, and they aren’t cheap.

Featuring 24GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 4090 is Nvidia’s latest and greatest high-end graphics processing unit. It uses the same amount of power as the RTX 3090 Ti, but Nvidia claims it can achieve frame rates of more than 100fps in 4K gaming.

According to Nvidia, the RTX 4090 achieves four times the performance of the RTX 3090 Ti when using DLSS 3, the latest generation of Nvidia’s AI-based up-resing technology. Prices for the RTX 4090, which will be available beginning October 12, start at $1599.

In its first release, the RTX 4080 will be available in both a 12GB and a 16GB memory configuration. With DLSS 3, Nvidia claims that even the entry-level 12GB card may outperform the 3090 Ti. The RTX 4080 with 16 GB of memory costs $1299, while the 12 GB model begins at $899. They’ll both go live in November.

A new version of Portal called Portal RTX is being released to demonstrate Nvidia’s cutting-edge graphics cards and DLSS technology. Despite DLSS 3 only being available for the 4000 series GPUs, this update will be available for free to Steam owners in the month of November and will allow the game to run on any RTX card.

Nvidia will also be releasing a tool called RTX Remix, which will let modders easily add RTX upgrades like up-rezzed textures and ray-tracing to older titles, such as Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which was presented as an example in the reveal showcase.

Cyberpunk is undergoing a 4000 series makeover, so if you want to check out some newer cards, now is the time. Overdrive ray tracing, made possible by DLSS 3, will make your standard, old, boring ray tracing mode on your stupid, lousy current RTX GPU look like you’re playing the game in 1977, not 2077.

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