Nintendo Fan Shares Idea for Donkey Kong LEGO Set

A supporter of Nintendo’s Donkey Kong has proposed a LEGO build based on the arcade versions of the character.
While it’s been over 10 years since the last major Donkey Kong game, the franchise and its characters continue to be beloved by Nintendo’s fanbase.

In 2020, Nintendo and LEGO teamed to bring Mario to life with a line of building toys.
The LEGO Super Mario 64 set and the Mighty Bowser LEGO set are just two examples of the many subsequent additions to this line that have been made to the original Super Mario line.
Since then, fans have wondered whether and when other Nintendo titles, such as The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Kirby, will also be turned into LEGO sets by the company.

Although the Nintendo series Donkey Kong isn’t as well-known as other Nintendo franchises, one fan found inspiration in the 1981 arcade hit by using it to inspire new LEGO build ideas.
The first level of the game is perfectly recreated in this LEGO build by Reddit user LegoIdeasRetroArcade, complete with a giant Donkey Kong flinging barrels down ramps and a terrified Pauline standing nearby.
It’s no secret that both Pauline and Donkey Kong have made appearances in various Mario-related spin-off games, and that Donkey Kong will play a major role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
To view the entire picture, please go here.

Users of the Lego Ideas website, where anybody may submit an idea for a future LEGO set, were alerted to the establishment of LegoIdeasRetroArcade, which they were encouraged to distribute across multiple subreddits and to support by leaving comments.
A suggested set will be considered for production if it receives at least 10,000 votes of approval within a specified time period.
With 396 days left in the campaign, the Donkey Kong set has garnered the backing of little under 4,800 backers.
The LEGO build inspired by the Temple of Time in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was submitted earlier this year through the LEGO Ideas website.

So far, fans have responded positively to Nintendo’s partnership with LEGO, indicating that they want more of this type of content.
Many copyright lawsuits filed against Zelda LEGO creations in the past several months raise hopes that fans will eventually acquire a set similar to this one.
Success of the present set also shows that Nintendo and LEGO can attract fans of varying ages by releasing sets like Donkey Kong, which play to the nostalgia of older fans.
The continued success of Nintendo’s LEGO partnership depends on the company not forgetting its history of embracing nostalgia.

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