One Piece of Adorable Overwatch 2 Fan Art Transforms Mercy Into a Cat

In this fan-created piece of art for Overwatch 2, the popular support character Mercy is reimagined as a fat tabby with damage buffs.

A little mercy from Overwatch 2

A fan of Overwatch 2’s support hero Mercy decided to make her look like a fat cat in an original piece of fan art they posted online.
The diverse cast of Overwatch 2 characters are frequently reimagined by artists with new outfits, art styles, or abilities, and this creation is the latest in a long line of artwork dedicated to Blizzard’s FPS.

Artists have always been inspired by the Overwatch series, whether it be to create portraits of their favorite heroes or parodies of the game’s infamously long queues.
As one of the most played heroes in Overwatch, Mercy has been featured in the game since its 2016 inception and has since received a total of 76 skins, many of which were introduced as part of seasonal events.
Some of them can only be obtained through the Overwatch League or are no longer available, like Pink Mercy, a 2018 skin whose sales benefited cancer research.

Overwatch 2’s official subreddit saw a surge in requests for more cat skins after the introduction of a character named Purrcy.
Some players have proposed using feline-themed puns for the names of some of the new Overwatch 2 skins, such as Pawnzo for Hanzo, Meowra for Moira, and Bleptiste for support hero Baptiste.
A user named philliisalright on Reddit suggested adding a cat skin for all characters so that players could fill custom lobbies with cat players.
Others on Reddit decided to dress their cats up as Overwatch 2 characters after seeing the cat artwork on the Mercy skin.
MellicateArt has previously portrayed other memorable moments from Overwatch 2, such as a DPS Moira who stubbornly refuses to heal a critically injured Genji.
In contrast to this cat skin, the artist did not release any other cat skins for use in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2, even after being out for more than a month, never stopped inspiring creative works.
A player recently drew Kiriko, the newest support hero in Overwatch 2, in an Adventure Time-inspired style.
Kiriko and her Kitsune spirit appeared in the artwork, sporting the same long legs and dot eyes as the cartoon characters.
The Mercy cat skin is the most recent piece of fan art for Overwatch 2 to be posted on Reddit.

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