Overwatch 2 fan points out that Kiriko’s witch skin doesn’t have a certain feature.

A player of Overwatch 2 points out that the controversial Halloween Event skin for Kiriko seems to be missing something important.
Kiriko the Witch on Halloween 2022

A player of Overwatch 2 has noticed that Kiriko’s Witch skin is missing the unique voice line for her Kitsune Rush ultimate. Most of the Overwatch event skins for heroes have different voice lines, either for their regular lines or for their ultimate lines. But Kiriko may be missing some of her own lines, and a fan is spreading the word about this.

Since it came out in the store when the Halloween event began, the Kiriko Witch skin has caused a lot of trouble. This skin has become the poster child for what is wrong with Overwatch 2’s free-to-play pricing model because it costs too much and can’t be bought separately. Now, one fan has noticed that, even though it costs a lot to get the skin, it doesn’t have a unique feature that other Overwatch event skins do: it doesn’t have an ultimate voice line in multiplayer games.

The r/Overatch subreddit has been told by LuluTheOtaku that Kiriko’s Ultimate voice line is missing from their games. Her voice line “Enter the Spirit Realm” plays when she is used in Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, but it doesn’t seem to play when Kiriko is wearing her Witch costume skin in regular games. Most event skins in Overwatch 2, like Reinhardt’s Gridiron Summer Games skin and Hanzo’s Wolf skin, have their own voice lines. Fans are again criticizing how Blizzard makes money off of the game because of a missing voice line.

Some commentators say that the missing voice line might be a glitch. At least two players who replied to the thread said that they heard Kiriko say the right Kitsune Rush voice line when she was wearing her Witch skin. It could also be a choice made so that players don’t get confused when a Witch Kiriko is on both teams. Whether it’s broken or just not there, this is another bad thing about the Kiriko Witch skin. Fans are already upset that the only way to get this skin is to save up Overwatch 2 currency from the Weekly Challenges and buy up to $26 worth of coins from the store.

If Blizzard sticks to how it has always handled Overwatch event skins outside of event windows, the Witch Kiriko skin will be locked away until an anniversary event or next year’s Halloween event. Kiriko fans are already under pressure to get this skin now or wait a year for another chance to get it, so it’s important for those who have already bought it that everything works right.

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