Overwatch 2 Play of the Game Ruined by Pharah Blowing Herself Up

One Pharah player recently received Play of the Game honors in Overwatch 2, but the celebration was cut short when the player committed suicide by blowing himself up while attempting to get a team kill.
For a long time now, players in Overwatch 2 have been able to use the game’s Play of the Game feature to show off their greatest moments to their friends.

The Play of the Game feature has existed in every Overwatch game from the franchise’s inception, and it has always done a great deal to provide players who achieve a large enough multikill to be highlighted at the game’s conclusion a sense of pride and satisfaction.
However, if a player dies at any time during the tape, the euphoria of victory can rapidly be replaced by the sting of disgrace, and it is very unusual for player fatalities to also be recorded.
The funny thing is that these kinds of things often become viral, like the time a Genji player got Play of the Game for being dead.

A user named Xechwill uploaded a video to the Overwatch subreddit in which a Pharah uses an ill-advised high-explosive rocket launcher.
In the video, the player assumes the role of Pharah and immediately charges into battle, eliminating the enemy Hanzo before using her Ultimate Ability to wipe out the vast majority of the opposition.
A bit too eager to finish out the opposition team’s tank, the player accidentally detonated their own weapon upon approaching the targeted target.

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard added a ton of new features and tweaked pretty much every part of the game, though not everyone agrees that these are all improvements.
The reduction of 6-person teams to 5-person ones is one of the most noticeable adjustments in terms of the actual gameplay.
As a result of the reduction in team size, tank heroes have become more important in gameplay, and many fans are concerned about the repercussions this may have on the game.

Many players have adjusted to this change in the gameplay formula, but there are still a number of difficulties plaguing Overwatch 2 at the present, such as bad matching across ranked game types and store pricing that have been widely controversial among fans.
The game is still popular two seasons in, but some players have asked Blizzard to do more to solve their issues.

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