Pokémon Fan Art Reinterprets the Nacli Evolution Series as Paper Mario Characters

The Rock-Type Pokemon Nacli and its evolutionary line from Generation 9 are shown by a Pokemon player in Paper Mario fashion.

Using Paper Mario to Capture Pokemon

A Pokemon fan creates a Paper Mario-inspired image of the Rock-Type pocket monsters Nacli, Naclstack, and Garganacl.
Fans of Nintendo’s games have put their creative skills on display by making a variety of fan art based on the series’ many monsters.
This may be done by fusing together Pokemon of different types or by sketching them with Halloween or other holiday themes.

Artists also like reimagining the characters of other games as pocket monsters or illustrating Pokemon in the styles of other video game series.
For added realism, some artists have depicted the animals in a manner more like to how they may seem in real life, offering gamers a glimpse of what they might be like if they were genuine.
One Pokemon enthusiast even went so far as to use the Paper Mario art style to depict the evolution of one of Generation 9’s pocket monsters.

An anonymous Reddit user by the name of TimDrawsStuff created Paper Mario versions of Nacli and its two forms.
The user’s artwork exaggerates the already comical features of the three Pokemon.
There’s a touch of motion in this piece when the pocket monsters bounce about like they do in Paper Mario.
The work is adorable and demonstrates how different Pokemon may be adapted to the visual style of different brands.

A small number of Redditors, including those who deemed TimDrawsStuff’s work “excellent,” have commented on the artist’s Reddit page.
Some fans have shown a preference for the Nacli line of evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while others have expressed an interest in seeing Garganacl take on Magnus von Grapple, a boss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Also, a fan expressed interest in seeing Clodsire rendered in this fashion.
The artwork by TimDrawsStuff is beautiful to look at and provides a fresh perspective on the plethora of Pokemon.

TimDrawsStuff has done several Pokemon in the manner of Paper Mario, and they’re all quite adorable.
Pokemon like Gimmighoul (in both its Chest and Roaming forms) and Bellibolt fall into this category.
Even Koraidon and Miraidon were depicted by the artist in this style.
TimDrawsStuff has also made original works with a wide variety of other Nintendo characters.
They use the Mimikyu outfits based on Nintendo characters like Link and Geno to give Pokemon more alternatives for their appearances than just the standard Pikachu suit.
The artwork is cute and displays the variety of creativity Pokemon enthusiasts have in depicting the pocket monsters in fan-made artwork.

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