Pokemon Fan Imagines What Dragonite Would Look Like if it Resembled Dragonair More

An individual who is passionate in Pokemon has demonstrated their vision of what Dragonite might look like if it were more similar to Dragonair.
Players of Nintendo’s RPG series may find themselves scratching their brains over a few evolutionary connections between certain species.
As a result, some players may be confused by the evolution of some Pokemon, which does not make much sense.

Dratini is the Pokemon that has one of these befuddling evolutionary lines.
As it evolves, Dratini looks a lot like Dragonair, but then it completely changes when it becomes Dragonite.
One player envisioned how the Dragon-Type pseudo-legendary may appear if it were designed to seem more like its ancestors.

A Reddit user by the name of kaltzer depicted a Dragonite that looks a lot more like Dragonair than the ones in the games.
The pseudo-legendary Pokemon has gone from orange to blue, and that is the most noticeable alteration.
Dragonair already has little wings on the sides of its head, but the user’s design adds pearls and a white horn.
Kaltzer augmented Dragonite’s wings by making them bigger and feathered with white and green.
The artist’s concept is visually appealing and makes more sense for the Dratini evolutionary line than the current canonical representation.

A good number of users on Reddit have expressed their appreciation for kaltzer’s work, with many praising its aesthetic quality.
After reading the article, many Pokemon trainers have started speculating on the effects of giving Pokemon like Mimikyu and Seviper their own unique evolutions.
A poster who like Dragonite’s orange hue suggests making Dratini and Dragonair orange to blend in with the pocket monster.
In future Pokemon games, Kaltzer’s creation would be a welcome regional variety of Dragonite.

In addition to Dragonite, kaltzer has made copies of several more Pokemon.
Sharpedo’s likeness to real sharks was enhanced by the artist’s imagination of what the character might look like if it were far longer.
Several unique Typings for pocket monsters, such as a Water/Dragon-Type Swampert and a Ghost/Ice-Type Luxray, have also been devised by them.
Kaltzer’s recent suggestions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are intriguing and seem like they might work well as downloadable content.
Creating new variations of pocket monsters using this method can inspire new gameplay in Game Freak’s games and breathe new life into classic Pokemon.

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