Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sell 10 Million Units in 3 Days, Breaks Nintendo Record

Nintendo has revealed that in just three days, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have sold over 10 million units worldwide. The Pokemon video game series has consistently ranked among the most lucrative in the industry. Over 15 million copies of Pokemon games have been sold over the whole main series. However, for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to sell over 10 million copies so soon after release is quite remarkable.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released five days ago on November 18, which may indicate how pleased Nintendo is with these results. Both the games’ performance and visuals have been heavily criticized. Pre-orders and excitement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are unlikely to have been affected by these flaws because they were not widely known until after the games’ first release. The new games may not have been polished enough, or Pokemon enthusiasts may not care.

As Nintendo puts it, “the greatest global sales level for any program ever published on any Nintendo platform” has been reached in just three days of availability, with 10 million copies sold. Pre-orders, post-launch purchases, and sales of physical retail copies and digital game sales are all included in the staggering total. We’ve moved on without Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and the rest.
Income from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Merchandise

Nintendo claims in a press release that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s popularity may be attributed to the game’s numerous novel elements. The main attraction is the free-form nature of the three available storylines in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s open world design. For the first time in the main series, up to four players may adventure together in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s co-op mode. Both of them have been heavily demanded by Pokemon enthusiasts for a long time.

To put that in perspective, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have now outsold all previous Pokemon games combined, including Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and even Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Emerald, with sales of over 10 million. It is possible that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may outsell Pokemon Red and Blue and Green, which has sold over 30 million copies.

Predicting the future success of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be fascinating. Sales records at launch are impressive, however Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been met with mixed reviews because of performance difficulties. But once a Pokemon game gets rolling, stopping it may be a real challenge.

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