Popular YouTuber MrBeast is now playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thanks to a fan-made mod.

Players of Nintendo’s renowned crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may now assume the role of MrBeast thanks to a new mod.

A MrBeast Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players may now assume control of MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, thanks to a new update.
With over 112 million subscribers, the YouTube star is famous for hosting grandiose contests with huge monetary awards.
Players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may now take on the role of their favorite viral video celebrity in battle.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was created for the Nintendo Switch by Bandai Namco and series creator Masahiro Sakurai.
The newest in Nintendo’s long-running Super Smash Bros. series, this fighting game combines a wide cast of Nintendo characters in a crossover setting.
Many characters from other businesses, including as Konami, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, PlatinumGames, Disney, and more, are also included.

Super Smash Bros. boasts an extensive cast of playable characters, but a YouTuber has never been one of them before.
Now, thanks to Modder LN 310 and his updated MrBeast mod for GameBanana, things are different.
To be clear, MrBeast is not a completely new character in Super Smash Bros. but rather a skin for the already existing fighter Solid Snake.
This implies that when players control MrBeast, the enormously famous YouTuber, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they will have access to Snake’s default move set.
Besides updating Snake’s visuals, the patch also includes new voice lines and a few minor alterations.

In this modification, the grenades that Solid Snake normally uses have been swapped out for hamburgers.
Although he is most known for his videos on YouTube, MrBeast has also established a number of other ventures, including the Feastables chocolate firm and the MrBeast Burger online fast food chains.
In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, MrBeast’s weapon is a stack of burgers, which is a lovely homage to his side hustle.
MrBeast’s voice is sampled for use in the mod’s voice lines.
Even if some of the audio clips don’t work well, they nevertheless improve the mod’s overall realism.

Players of Super Smash Bros. are always on the lookout for fresh additions to the roster.
Unfortunately, despite the addition of Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora with the game’s last DLC, it does not appear that any more characters will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
With Masahiro Sakurai’s semi-retirement, the series’ end might be imminent.
Therefore, fans who are itching for new characters have no choice but to resort to such a modification to satisfy their cravings.

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