Resident Evil 4 Demo Becomes Endless Thanks to a Mod

While though demonstrations are helpful for giving players a taste of what’s to come, they sometimes finish just as things are becoming interesting; now, a tweak for the Resident Evil 4 remake demo has practically made it infinite.
There are several highly anticipated horror games coming out next year, including RE4, and the genre is flourishing in both the AAA and independent gaming communities.
Thankfully, it won’t be long until Capcom unveils their updated version of the timeless survival classic.

The Gamer noticed that Nexus Mods user FluffyQuack has virtually infinitely expanded this portion of Resident Evil 4.
The time and kill constraints in the village section of the demo have been removed in “Never Bingo,” allowing the infected villagers to keep coming after Leon indefinitely.
This chapter usually concludes with them ceasing their onslaught, but this information implies that won’t happen.
Because of this, gamers will never get to hear Leon exclaim, “To what destination is everyone en masse en route?
But, this does extend the length of time the demo is available for.

This screenshot is from a modified demo of Resident Evil 4, and it depicts Leon Kennedy being attacked by locals.

Although the demo is still limited to the first few minutes of the game, the player will be able to stay in this area for a longer period of time.
Yet, it is understandable that everyone would like to get the most out of the trial after all the buildup.
It was also recently discovered that the Resident Evil 4 demo contains a hidden hard difficulty, giving players something to do in the meanwhile.

Demos remain an integral element of the game industry, despite their decreased prevalence in modern times.
The finest trailers don’t reveal everything, but they set the stage for what’s to come, and if the RE4 trial is any indication, fans won’t be disappointed with how Capcom has updated this landmark installment in the popular horror franchise.

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