Ryan Karazija, the lead singer of the band Low Roar from Death Stranding, has died.

Ryan Karazija, who sang for Low Roar and worked on Death Stranding, has died at age 40, the band’s social media page says.

Ryan Karazija, who led the band Low Roar and made music for the video game Death Stranding, died at the age of 40. The band’s social media pages said that the news was true. The Death Stranding community, including the game’s creator Hideo Kojima, said sad things about the singer’s death.

The game Death Stranding, which won a bunch of awards, was praised for its interesting story, eerie world, unique gameplay, and equally eerie soundtrack. “I’ll Keep Coming” by Low Roar was played in the first trailer that showed Sam (played by Norman Reedus). “Don’t Be So Serious,” their other song, was one of the first songs players heard when the game started. There are 18 songs by the band on the official Death Stranding soundtrack.

In a post on social media, Low Roar paid tribute to Karazija by calling him the person who made Low Roar what it is. They gave him credit for the music and lyrics that touched many people’s lives, as well as for the unique sound of the songs that came from his haunting voice. Low Roar also said that they recorded their sixth studio album, which was Karazija’s last project, and it will be released when it’s ready. Kojima, who made Death Stranding, was also shocked by Karazija’s sudden death. He said that the game would not have been the same without Low Roar’s music.

Tommie Earl Jenkins, who did the voice of “Die Hard-man” in “Death Stranding,” also went to see Karazija. He said in a tweet that Low Roar’s music in Death Stranding had an effect on the community. He also sent a picture of Karazija and Kojima from a long time ago.

Fans of Low Roar have talked about their favorite Karazija moments, like clips from Death Stranding and the singer’s early morning Instagram Lives. Some people said they started listening to Low Roar because of the game, and now that Karazija is gone, their songs will sound different. It’s clear that Kojima chose the right band, which he found while shopping in Reykjavik, to be part of Death Stranding’s soundtrack, along with other well-known artists like CHVRCHES, Silent Poets, and Bring Me The Horizon.

With recent rumors that Kojima is making a sequel to Death Stranding, it’s not clear if the famous game designer worked with Low Roar again on his next project. Whether or not the sequel happens, it’s possible that Kojima would find a way to honor Karazija in one of his games. For now, Low Roar fans can remember the singer by listening to all of their albums and playing Death Stranding over and over again.

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