Set in Vice City, GTA 6 Features A Female Lead – Read the whole story

There is new information regarding the next Grand Theft Auto game.

It has been reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 would include a female protagonist and take place in and around Miami, aka Vice City. A Latina lady will be one of two “main” characters in the game, and the tale is based on the historic bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, according to Bloomberg.

An early design for GTA 6 suggested that it would be “more enormous” in size than any previous GTA game, with “huge swathes of North and South America” covered by the game’s geography, according to the report. Project Americas was the rumored codename for the undertaking at the time.

It is now possible to play GTA Online’s new criminal enterprise mode.

In the end, management decided to focus on only one city, a fictitious Miami, and its surrounding suburbs. It’s not a complete shock, since leaks and speculations stated GTA 6 might include a female protagonist and return to Miami, which is known as Vice City in GTA’s world.

Further, Rockstar plans to “continually update” GTA 6 with new missions and towns on a “regular basis,” according to the article. Rumored Miami may be smaller than the Project Americas idea, but it’s still believed to be a substantial size for GTA 6, according to the latest claim. In addition, more indoor places will be included in GTA 6 than in previous GTA games.

The plot of GTA 6 isn’t mentioned in the article, although it might play on Bonnie and Clyde. Rockstar’s devs are taking care not to “punch down” with jokes about marginalized groups, which would be a departure from previous games that poked fun at everyone.

According to the article, production on GTA 6 is moving more slowly than some developers had anticipated. The pandemic was cited as a role in the delays, but Rockstar’s culture and working conditions were also cited as contributing factors. To minimize unnecessary overtime, the design department was reportedly reconfigured. Developers informed Bloomberg that GTA 6 is probably at least two years away, placing its release date at the earliest at some time in 2024.

Rockstar Games has undergone a number of structural adjustments as well, as detailed in the Bloomberg piece. Staff revolted against a “culture of pressure, bullying, and frat-house shenanigans” in 2018, prompting a reorganization. “A boys’ club has been converted into a legitimate enterprise,” according to several of the people involved. The George Floyd complaints led Rockstar to decide to scrap a “Cops ‘n’ Crooks” feature for GTA Online, according to reports. To get the entire picture, visit Bloomberg.
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Rockstar Games declined to respond through a spokeswoman.

More than 165 million copies of GTA V have been sold, and the game’s GTA Online feature and the recently released GTA+ subscription service are also generating additional revenue. The latest free addition for GTA Online, Criminal Enterprises, has been released.

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