Sims 4 Free Infants Update Does Not Include a Basic Item

Now that the free Sims 4 Babies update is available, players are discovering the game’s lack of changing stations as they experiment with the expansion pack’s many new features.
Since its release nearly nine years ago, The Sims 4 has received a steady stream of expansion packs and free upgrades to keep players engaged.
Family gameplay and the ability to have your own Sim babies were two features that a lot of players felt were missing.
This sort of material has been provided to The Sims 4 through paid expansion packs like Parenthood and High School Years, however they were released incrementally over time, required a subscription, and avoided discussing babies.

A child too young to grasp the concept of toilet training cannot benefit from a potty chair.
Instead, they rely on diapers, which must be changed periodically like those of babies.
Players quickly identified a flaw in the game: after removing the baby’s diaper, the Sim tossed it on the floor.
The vast majority of players who encountered this problem tried to buy a changing table using the game’s Build-and-Buy mode, only to find out that none existed.
This content is exclusive to owners of The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack.

altering the structure of the game played on tables

As two of the changing stations being included in the Sims 4 Growing Together bundle are already compatible with the base game’s furnishings, some community content authors have voiced their displeasure with this choice from The Sims Team.
It’s a no-brainer of a feature to implement into the game if the gamer has young children at home.

There is just a two-day gap between the release dates of the Growing Together expansion and the free Sims 4 Baby update since the supplemental material they give is so similar.
Yet, the vast majority of players agree that the game’s most fundamental functions, like a place to change a baby’s diaper, shouldn’t be hidden behind a paywall.

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