Sony rolling out ‘Perfect for PS5’ features for 2021 TVs – VRR for X85J

Sony has pushed play on its ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ features. A new firmware update for the 2021 models also adds VRR support for X85J as well as 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer for most models.

In October, Sony announced two new PS5 features coming to 2021 TV models (and a single 2020 model); Auto HDR Tone Mapping (based on HGiG) and Auto Genre Picture Mode (based on ALLM). More information can be found on the links or in the table at the bottom.

Both PS5 features are now available on 2021 Sony TVs (A90J, A80J OLEDs or X9J, X95J, X90J, X85J, X80J LCDs) after updating to firmware v6.4284, which is rolling out in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and other regions.

In addition, firmware v6.4284 unlocks HDMI 2.1 VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) functionality on X85J (and its derivatives like X86J, X89J),

Perfect for PS5

Perfect for PS5

If you are confused, that is understandable. Sony has made multiple announcements regarding new features coming to TVs and PlayStation 5 but the updates are staggered. Sony has already brought the PS5 features and VRR to X900H/XH90 from 2020. Owners of 2021 TVs are now getting the two PS5 features, but VRR support will not come to 2021 TVs and PS5 until later this year, says Sony.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

The third new feature for Sony 2021 TVs (except X80J, X85J) included in firmware v6.4284 is ‘360 Spatial Sound Personalizer’, which currently works only with Sony’s wireless SRS-NS7 neckband speaker to provide a more immersive listening experience.

If you are not seeing firmware v6.4284 from the TV’s built-in update menu, you can try to download it manually (see table) for installation via USB. We have not located the download links for North and Latin America but there are reports that the firmware is available through the TV’s menus in these regions.

Sony firmware update v6.4284 – changelog
Firmware v6.4284 download files:

  • North America: coming soon
  • Europe: Firmware v6.4284
  • Asia Pacific: Firmware v6.4284
  • Latin America: coming soon

Benefits and Improvements:

  • Adds support for VRR (only for X85J_X86J_X89J series)
  • Adds Features for PlayStation®5
  • Adds support for the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer (3D Sound Function for the SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker). Note: Only for A80J_A83J_A84J, A90J, X90J_X92J_X93J_X94J, X95J, Z9J series

    Perfect for PlayStation 5 features
    Sony’s descriptions:

Auto HDR Tone Mapping
With Auto HDR Tone Mapping*, the HDR settings will be optimised instantly during your PS5 initial setup. The PS5 will automatically recognise individual BRAVIA TV models and select the best HDR setting for the TV accordingly. With the optimised HDR tone mapping level to your BRAVIA display specification, you’ll see crucial details and colours even in high contrast scenes. For instance, you will get the addition of detailed objects on the track in Gran Turismo 7 so you know just how to make your next move.
*Software updates on both PS5 and BRAVIA are required. Available by the end of 2021.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

Auto Genre Picture Mode


Auto Genre Picture Mode
BRAVIA XR TVs can detect whether you are playing a game or watching movies and shows. With Auto Genre Picture Mode, your TV automatically switches into Game Mode when gaming, which minimises input lag to make the action more responsive, or to Standard Mode when watching movies via a streaming service or from an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc on the PS5, which shifts focus to picture processing for a more expressive picture.
Auto Genre Picture Mode will be available via a future software updates on PS5 and BRAVIA TVs by the end of 2021.

Auto Genre Picture Mode


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