The fact that 3DS games can be emulated on a Steam Deck demonstrates that Nintendo made the correct decision.

One screen is not good. Two displays are acceptable.

The usage of a Steam Deck to simulate the experience of playing a Nintendo 3DS game.

Because of the technological video producer GameXData, I am now aware that it is possible to play Nintendo 3DS games on a monitor that is connected to a Steam Deck (opens in a new tab). This is made possible by the use of software that emulates the Nintendo 3DS system. GameXData demonstrates a humorous visual combination utilizing the touch screen on the Steam Deck and the Pokemon X/Y video game in a tweet that they have tweeted.
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We were able to completely reimagine the Wii U by utilizing the capabilities of Linux, emulation, and the Steam Deck.

The fact that the Steam Deck may be utilized in such a manner is evidence of the hardware’s adaptability in a wide variety of situations. The touch screen enables you to imitate and play some of the games that were originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS in their original forms. I assume you should get a stylus that works well on the Steam Deck screen before you start.

It’s no joke: if you use a monitor and a Steam Deck, you can successfully imitate the look and feel of the Wii U, which is fantastic. ( This was something that was also brought to our attention by the people over at GameXData. That is really interesting because games with a design philosophy comparable to Breath of the Wild make fantastic use of the second screen by displaying inventories and other relevant information on it. Cemu provides support for this through the use of a toggle switch that can separate the gamepad into its own window.

Emulation for the Wii U has been significantly advanced as a result of the recent open-source release of the Cemu software. You can follow GameXData on Twitter, and they also have a channel on YouTube. We are grateful to them for drawing our attention to this important piece of information.

Valve has reported that manufacturing of the Steam Deck has exceeded expectations (opens in a new tab), which means that if you have been waiting for your Steam Deck, it will most likely arrive sooner rather than later. It is obvious that this makes Valve happy, given that the company has said that future iterations of the Steam Deck would be more accessible and have a greater capability. Oh, and in preparation for the debut of the Steam Deck in Asia, they’ve created a cute little pamphlet about it.

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