The Last of Us Patch for PC Addresses Additional Issues.

Naughty Dog has released Patch for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, which addresses a number of issues that were present in the game at launch. PC players have been anticipating The Last of Us for ten years, but the game’s release has fallen well short of their expectations. Players have reported a broad variety of bugs since the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 was released. There doesn’t seem to be much hope for Naughty Dog’s games with their hour-long load times, low frame rates, and ridiculous bugs. A particularly bizarre thing that new, unprepared PC players of The Last of Us will encounter is a malfunction that turns Bill’s house into a party. The latest patch notes for The Last of Us Part 1 have been uploaded on Naughty Dog’s official website, and they promise a wide variety of improvements to the game, which is still a shambles on the platform. Even though another update for The Last of Us on PC was published not too long ago, there still seems to be a ways to go before it reaches the level of polish that was promised. One of the primary criticisms of the port is how much CPU time it takes to render textures, and this update addresses that issue. Players’ feedback over the next few days will reveal how successful the changes made in version really are. the-last-of-us The Last of Us’s current PC situation is terrible, but there were warning signals that things wouldn’t go well. Iron Galaxy, infamous for their botched PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, handled the port. In addition, early February saw a postponement of The Last of Us for PC so that the team could polish the game more. The studio’s decision to postpone the release appears, in retrospect, to have been an attempt to head off a catastrophe. If the game had been launched on March 3, we’ll never know what condition it was in at the time. This negative coverage is very unfortunate timing for The Last of Us. The series’ image is needlessly tarnished following a moment of enthusiasm, during which the property had gained widespread goodwill thanks to HBO’s TV version. Many players won’t let the problems with the PC port dampen their enthusiasm for Season 2 of The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has been mum on the topic of a Last of Us 3, although it is widely believed that the studio will first address issues with the PC adaptation of the original game. Notes for Update of The Last of Us Quickly switching between thumbnails of character skins no longer causes a crash. Correction made such that version no longer freezes on initial boot if the shader load sequence is interrupted. One random crash that had been reported has been fixed. The texture streaming system has been updated to use less CPU. Resolved a problem wherein unneeded SFX would play in both the main and in-game “Options” menus; this affected controllers with DualSense and Xbox One’s analog sticks. Clarity in Depth of Field (Options > Graphics > Post-Effects Settings > Depth of Field) no longer varies with the Render Scale (Options > Display > Resolution Scaling > Render Scale) value. User interface for graphics settings (Options > Graphics) has been updated to show VRAM use more precisely. There is now an accurate representation of VRAM utilization in the Environments Texture Quality option (Options > Graphics > Texture Settings > Environments Texture Quality). Fixed an issue where the tutorial’s UI wasn’t displaying correctly Fixed an issue where the pop-up to enable diagnostics after a crash didn’t appear Fixed a problem where the textures for some artifacts and weapon skins didn’t render correctly Corrected an issue where the mouse wheel’s acceleration might be excessive in menus with dropdown selections. Active loading has been ramped up to cut down on wait times for game advancement. Camera no longer reorients itself to the cursor’s position upon leaving the Pause menu [Photo Mode]. The problem where the camera wouldn’t rotate when clicking the Lighting menu has been fixed. [The Sealed-Off Area] Fix for a bug where the player and their companions might become wet out of nowhere [The Quarantine Zone, Left Behind]. Fix for a glitch that might cause lights and textures to flicker during [The Periphery] gameplay. Closed an apparent geometry hole in [The Suburbs]. [The Suburbs] Animated cutscenes should now load properly during gameplay. Sniper in-game cinematic [Tommy’s Dam] now features fully functional window-breaking and car-shaking FX. Horse loading animations should now load properly during cutscenes [Bus Depot]. The Firefly Studio has resolved an issue where the water effects might become choppy at random times. We’ve patched a LOD bug that caused the helmets of hostile NPCs to disappear or become distorted. Discarded Separately The problem where Riley might seem to be hit by watergun bullets in Slow Motion without really being hit has been fixed. Improved stability when following Riley through the mall. The Halloween shop’s attention to detail has been upgraded. We’ve fixed a bug that might cause a crash if you try to start the supplementary dialogue at the Cheap Vacations poster. The problem where cutscene texture quality was too low has been fixed. Gameplay punching input has been mapped to the alt key (‘G’) in the ESDF arcade minigame’s updated control scheme. Accessibility Screen Magnifier should now function properly. Correction made so that the arrow symbol for Navigation Aid no longer clips through the player’s model. Localization (Bilingual: English and Hungarian) Language for the DualSense controller’s programmable triggers and touch pad has been localized into Thai, Latin American Spanish, and Korean. Fixed menu translation errors [SWEDISH] Replaced silent menus with voice output [SWEDISH] Modified wording in error message window AMD Corrected an issue where AMD RX 5700 and RX 6600 Series GPUs were using the wrong graphics defaults Wet Basin Problem with PSO Caching freezing at 50% done has been fixed. Screen Magnifier menu now displays Steam Deck controls Fixed an issue where players might be thrown into the game if they plugged in a DualSense controller while watching sequences in the Cinematics menu Weapon and Health HUD components have been rearranged. Available on the Epic Games Store The “Who’s a Good Boy?” achievement should now properly unlock for players who satisfy all of the criteria. Corrected a bug that might cause the sky to appear dark

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