The Marvel Universe’s Avengers Will Now Feature a Captain America Costume with a Cel-Shadowed Look

Crystal Dynamics has released a new Captain America skin for their live service action-adventure game Marvel’s Avengers, and it looks great in cel shading.

A still from Marvel’s The Avengers showing the cel shading used on Captain America’s skin.

Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is an online action brawler with a focus on customization, and now players can buy a cel-shaded skin for Captain America, giving the legendary Avenger a look that is sure to turn heads.
Even though Square Enix’s live service game has had a difficult few years since its 2020 launch, the newly launched tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns presents new competition on the superhero front.

Launched on PC and consoles in 2020, Marvel’s Avengers aimed to cash in on the superhero mania by letting players take control of the popular characters in an all-new tale.
While gamers and comic book enthusiasts alike were delighted by the thought of stepping into the shoes of Earth’s mightiest heroes, the lack of actors’ likenesses from the MCU and the revelation that the game will be a live service title drove many players away from the superhero brawler.
Crystal Dynamics has tried several times to fix Marvel’s Avengers since its disappointing debut, but the game’s dependence on microtransactions and its many flaws have prevented it from being a commercial success.

Crystal Dynamics has tweeted that a new Captain America suit with cel shading is now available in the game’s virtual store.
The animated Avenger shows off his new appearance in a clip released alongside the news, pausing to mug for the camera in between bouts of slaying opponents.
Patch 2.7 for Marvel’s Avengers, which introduced Cap’s ally-turned-enemy The Winter Soldier as a new playable character, was released just days before this new skin for the man out of time.

Marvel’s Avengers has managed to make a stealthy recovery from a poor debut, with many players highlighting 2021’s War for Wakanda expansion as the start of a favorable change in direction for the troubled beat-em-up.
If Crystal Dynamics can keep producing fascinating new expansions and eye-popping new outfits, all while adding much awaited characters like She-Hulk to Marvel’s Avengers, there may be hope yet for the superhero franchise.

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