The Mercenaries Mode in the Resident Evil 4 remake is lacking in two fan-favorite characters.

The latest patch for the Resident Evil 4 remake includes The Mercenaries mode, but it’s still missing two of the game’s most popular playable characters. the mercenaries’ gameplay in resident evil 4: remake Capcom has published an update for the Resident Evil 4 remake that includes The Mercenaries mode, albeit it does not include Ada Wong or Albert Wesker. Despite being a fan favorite addition to the 2005 original, The Mercenaries option was absent from Resident Evil 4’s initial release. The Mercenaries wasn’t included in the original release of Resident Evil 4, but fans didn’t have to wait long for it to be incorporated to the remake. On April 7, Capcom published an update for the Resident Evil 4 remake that fixed a number of bugs and included a new mode called The Mercenaries, which lets you choose from four different characters. Players of Resident Evil 4’s The Mercenaries begin the game as Leon S. Kennedy, but can switch to Luis if they reach the A rank with Leon. If you obtain an A rank as Luis, you can use Krauser, and if you get an A rank as Krauser, you can utilize Hunk. In the 2005 Resident Evil game, Mercenaries also allowed players to acquire Ada Wong and Albert Wesker for use in the game, however both characters are absent from the Resident Evil 4 remake’s version of the mode. There’s hope that Ada and Wesker will be included to this new edition of The Mercenaries in the future, but it’s unclear why Capcom opted to exclude them in the first place. The mercenaries in Resident Evil 4 are playable. While data mining suggests that Ada Wong and Albert Wesker may return to Mercenaries as playable characters, Capcom has not officially confirmed this, so fans should temper their expectations for the time being. The issue remains whether Ada and Wesker would be introduced to The Mercenaries mode as paid DLC or as part of a free update. Separate routes and Assignment Ada are also crucial to the Resident Evil 4 remake but are presently absent. However, Capcom has not yet announced a release window for the Resident Evil 4 remake’s virtual reality component for PlayStation 5. The future of the Resident Evil 4 remake is currently unknown, but fans should have plenty to do in the meanwhile thanks to the inclusion of The Mercenaries mode. The Resident Evil 4 remake has been a huge hit, so it stands to reason that Capcom will want to keep it updated with new features in the hopes of attracting even more customers. Most of these changes should go a long way toward keeping RE fans involved, however some, like the recent inclusion of pay-to-win DLC to Resident Evil 4, may not sit well with fans.

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