The Morbid Skyrim Immersion Mod Updates the Game with Gory New Content

A horrible immersion update for Skyrim has been released, making Bethesda’s iconic RPG even more gruesome than before. skyrim-mod-adds-grisly-details A modder for Bethesda’s legendary RPG Skyrim has produced a horrific immersion mod that includes some nasty elements. Skyrim already has considerable bloodshed, but this mod can ramp it up a notch. Perhaps the most devoted of all time, Skyrim’s modding community is a major factor in the game’s continued popularity twelve years after its debut. No part of the game has been left untouched by modders, with some creating completely new games from the original source code. There’s even a list of Skyrim mods that makes the game play like Dark Souls. Not every player will enjoy that, but that’s not the idea. Skyrim can become whatever its players imagine, and will keep evolving in exciting ways for years to come. The mod, named “Flies Around Corpses,” was created by the prolific Skyrim modder MihailMods and just uploaded on Nexus Mods. The name pretty much sums up the purpose of the mod: it’s a little immersion tweak that places blowflies near decaying bodies. While horrific, this feature actually brings a sense of reality to the game that many players like. According to MihailMods, “Flies Around Corpses” is fully compatible with all other Skyrim modifications, which is wonderful news because there are many other mods that completely rework the game’s blood and gore systems. It has been reported by MihailMods that these noises may be heard all around Skyrim. Players will hear the flies around new bones, as well as in caverns where predators have taken their prey, and near posts with enemy heads on them. They are also common in areas with a history of necromancy or where raw meat or fish has been prepared. Though the mod is very little, considerable effort has been put into ensuring that it revitalizes the world of Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls 6 may be a while off, but many are already expecting it will be just as moddable as Skyrim. It would be a pity if Bethesda took away the option to have the Dragonborn in Skyrim speak using Nazeem’s voice. It appears the developer recognizes the importance of the modding community to Skyrim’s longevity, therefore there’s hope for mods in Elder Scrolls 6. For additional information on Bethesda’s upcoming Elder Scrolls title, players will have to hold out until Starfield’s release later this year.

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