The New Steam Game ASMR Food Experience Features Realistic Cooking Noises

Amazing Hertz.

Get your headphones ready, because the long-awaited ASMR Food Experience is here, and it’s a food-themed video game that captures the sounds of a bustling kitchen. The game, published by PlayWay, aims to create a positive emotional response through a synergy of visual and auditory cues.

If you’re not like ASMR, it might give you the creeps and make you feel like a thousand ants are crawling all over your body. The acronym ASMR refers to the tingling feeling felt in the scalp, neck, and shoulders after being exposed to a certain stimulation.

The game has a broad array of noises that are meant to produce experiences of relaxation, excitement, stress alleviation, and more, as creator Gameparic noted on the game’s Steam website. You’ll be operating your restaurant in ASMR Food Experience when you’re not intently listening to the sound of your knife as it creates a dull thud as it slices through young carrots.

In order to get a good review, you need to take care of things like arranging your delivery service, cleaning your kitchen, and keeping your facility in good repair. However, as noted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PlayWay has several other games listed on Steam that are centred on various work simulator ideas, and there is no word yet on when ASMR Food Experience will be released.

Gameparic is also working on a dozen other projects, so it may be a while before you can turn up the volume and enjoy the sizzling sound of a well cooked steak.

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