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You can now earn awards in PlayStation Stars, Skate is becoming free-to-play, Multiversus is entering open beta, and the release date for Rumbleverse has been set.

Seeing stars… PSX Superstars! Read today’s GameSpot News to find out about the latest developments in Multiversus, Skate, and Rumbleverse, as well as Sony’s new rewards programme.

PlayStation Stars is the company’s new loyalty programme, introduced as an answer to Xbox’s rewards system. Consider the situation to be similar to that of a video game in terms of difficulty. You may get prizes just simply signing in and playing, but there will also be campaigns and other activities you can participate in to increase your loot. You may exchange these rewards for things like PlayStation Network money or PlayStation Store goods. Any digital purchases made by a PS Plus member will earn them points.

Sony’s PlayStation Network chief Grace Chen tells us that the digital items being offered are not NFTs, despite their modern-day resemblance. When asked by the Washington Post, Chen said, “It’s not NFTs. To put it bluntly, no. You are not permitted to buy, sell, or otherwise deal with them. They are not using any blockchain technology or NFTs.

Really, three emphatic negatives? Sounds like the community has been effective in discouraging Sony from engaging with the blockchain. We accomplished our goal! You’ve done an excellent job, gamers.

Currently, beta testing is underway for PlayStation Stars, with a full release planned for later this year.

The latest iteration of Skate will be available at no cost to players. The game’s creative directors said in an interview with GameSpot that they took the decision to use such strategy in order to ensure that no one would be prevented from trying out the game because of financial constraints. Content drops, such new game mechanics and seasonal events, will be made available for Skate over time. In addition, the game will support cross-platform play and progression between PC, console (both current and previous gen), and mobile devices.

The interview goes on to detail the ways in which the new live-service Skate both stays true to the original games and expands upon them. There will be a link to the interview in the breakdown below.

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