The PS5 Update, which includes 1440p support and folders, is now available to all users.

After being tested in beta, the new and substantial PS5 upgrade has finally arrived.

The latest firmware update for the PlayStation 5 is now out, bringing with it support for 1440p HDMI video output and game lists (a.k.a. folders), as well as several new social features that were previously tested in beta.

In addition to the beta features that were previously mentioned, the latest firmware update for the PS5 now also enables voice-activated YouTube searches. PlayStation users can simply say, “Hey PlayStation, search YouTube for ‘keyword’.” Clicking this will launch YouTube and begin a search for the specified content.

There is a preview test for the new voice command feature right now, but it’s only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. At present, only English is available.
Initiating voice-activated searches on YouTube with the PS5

Players will soon be able to initiate a PS Remote Play session from within the PlayStation App for iOS and Android.

We previously noted that the PS5 upgrade brings 1440p HDMI video output, however, this is only possible with compatible TVs and monitors and games. If a user is unsure whether or not their HDMI device is capable of 1440p, they can use the “Test 1440p Output” option found in the “Screen and Video” submenu of the system’s configuration menu. Sony has stated that users “may benefit from better anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p output” while running a game at a higher native resolution, such as 4K.

In the Game Library, gamers may now construct custom game lists to better manage their game collection. “To get going, head over to [Your Collection] and click [Create Gamelist]. Pick what you want to play and give your playlist a name, “To quote Sony:

There is a limit of 15 game lists per user, and each list can hold up to 100 games. In order to make a list, players can choose any video game available in any format, be it a physical disc, a digital download, or a streamed title. It’s possible to create as many different lists as you’d want to assist you to keep track of your games. It is not obvious if these lists have the option to be pinned to the home screen.
Detailed play guides!

The PS5 update now adds the option to listen to and compare 3D and stereo sounds before choosing the one you prefer. In addition, the game hub will “prominently” feature whatever “in-progress” activities players have so they can easily resume their previous session.

The new social features include the option to invite party members to share your screen and observe your games. To request a party member’s screen share, “go to the voice chat card, choose the party member you wish to make the request to, and then click [Request Share Screen],” Sony instructed.

In addition, users will now be alerted via notice if a party member is playing a game they are able to join.

Sony recently revealed a new PS5 camo wrap, among other PlayStation-related items.

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