The Size of Lifeweaver’s Hitbox Is Causing Concern Among Overwatch 2 Players.

Some Overwatch 2 players are worried that Lifeweaver’s hitbox may negatively impact the hero’s playstyle. Issues with the Lifeweaver’s hitbox in Overwatch 2 Some players are worried that Lifeweaver, the next hero to be added to Overwatch 2 after launch, has a disproportionately huge hitbox compared to his relatively low health. On April 11, Overwatch 2 will get its first support character since the game’s first release in October: Lifeweaver. As of right now, Overwatch 2 contains 36 playable characters, all of whom fall into one of three classes: tanks, supports, or healers. Ramattra, who joined the cast in December 2022, was the first new character featured after the game’s release. As a support hero, Lifeweaver relies on a wide range of powers inspired by the natural world to help his allies in combat. Lifeweaver’s wider hitbox and lofty stature have some players worried about how the character would operate against offensive Overwatch 2 characters like Cassidy, who often have higher health values. An Overwatch 2 player by the name of Lil_SmileFPT posted on Reddit, complaining about the upcoming hero Lifeweaver’s low health compared to other heroes like Ramattra and Bastion. The article features a breakdown of the hitboxes of many Overwatch 2 characters and a comparison of their health and armor to the future support hero. Lil_SmileFPT’s report reveals some interesting information, including the fact that Lifeweaver has a hitbox of the same size as Ramattra’s yet only about half his health. More than 3,500 people cared enough about Lil_SmileFPT’s post to upvote it in less than 24 hours. As one user puts it, “he is so tall and probably won’t be able to hide behind anything,” making Widow a nightmare for him. In response, Lil_SmileFPT voiced their own fear by saying, “Snipers and flankers are going to give him an extremely bad time.” In particular, Sombra, as she is immune to several of his attacks. Some gamers can’t wait to get their hands on Overwatch 2’s new hero, Lifeweaver, while others are understandably nervous about the character’s balance issues. Blizzard published a gameplay clip earlier this week, showcasing Lifeweaver’s different support skills. While Lifeweaver’s mending mechanisms are useful, she has many other talents as well. Lifeweaver is the ninth support hero overall, and the first to be added to Overwatch 2 following the game’s first release. When compared to the other tank and damage classes, the number of players in the support position is significantly lower in the current Overwatch 2 roster. Although Lifeweaver has several special skills, the hero’s hitbox and increased height may hinder his or her performance in competitive play.

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