The Ten Most Important Gaming Events of October, 2022

No prepaid phones will be able to play Call of Duty: Mobile Warfare 2, controversy surrounds TwitchCon, and Platinum Games remains committed to its live service model.
Important Gaming Updates for October 10, 2022

The workweek; how we’ve missed thee. Good morning, and happy Monday! Since I’m guessing you’ve been working nonstop today, I’m also going to assume that you haven’t had time to keep up with the latest happenings in the gaming community at large. Except, perhaps, if you happen to be Canadian, in which case you’ve already been enjoying Thanksgiving a month early. You’ll need to refresh your memory eventually, so let’s get started. Platinum plans to produce additional live service games despite Babylon’s Fall being an enormous flop, and today we also learned that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will have the same problematic phone requirement as Overwatch 2. Here are just a few of our featured articles; please continue reading for more.

Was It A Mistake To Let The World Know The Secret Of Monkey Island?
TwitchCon Local Area Network
On the platform Twitch.
Multiple people were injured, including broken bones, after being enticed by a Lenovo Livestream encouraging TwitchCon attendees to jump into a foam pit.

Some attendees of the previous TwitchCon were gravely hurt when they jumped into the foam pit. The most recent twist is that people were reportedly encouraged to jump in, which might have disastrous consequences. “They opened the pit up a second day after the first person injured their foot and ankle badly enough to leave TwitchCon in a brace. multiple people were injured and they kept the pit open, said the jump in booty first!” tweeted the streamer Adriana Chechik, who required surgery after falling into the pit.
A union representing Twitch streamers is necessary.
Twitch has stated that a revenue split of 70/30 is “Not Viable In The Long Term.”

According to Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton, the previous 70/30 revenue split on Twitch was not “viable in the long term,” so the company has switched to a 50/50 split “In my opinion, the most crucial thing is making sure that you and your teams have the best chance possible to increase your income. Sorry for the pun, but content creators aren’t buying the argument that “we’re building a foundation for the long term so that you can all keep earning as long as possible and the next generation of streamers can have that opportunity.”
The Contentious Modern Warfare 2 Phone Number Will Return.

Similar Prerequisites To Overwatch 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is getting a lot of heat for the same reason as Overwatch 2 has: it requires a mobile phone number to join a game. Prepaid phone users naturally worry about being left out of the action. The official website states, “A valid phone number is required to establish an account for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Overwatch 2.” The phone notification feature may not function on prepaid mobile devices.

The True Secret of Monkey Island Is Revealed by Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert, the man behind Return to Monkey Island, revealed the game’s true secret on the record the other day, to the delight of some and the ire of others. “On Twitter, Gilbert explained, “We never really addressed what that secret was in the original game, and when we started this game, we said, ‘well, we really need to tell people what that secret is.’ You don’t want to just kick that football down the field another time.” I won’t reveal the secret because of spoilers, but needless to say, many preferred that it remained unknown.
Death of Babylon

Despite the failure of Babylon’s Fall, PlatinumGames will continue to create live services.

Platinum’s CEO Atsushi Inaba has stated that the game’s disastrous sales numbers have not changed the company’s plans for developing live service games. “There’s a lot that we learned from this experience and it has not changed our future plans or outlook moving forward regarding doing live service games in any way,” Inaba said “Cutting your losses can be necessary at times, but maybe they have the next big thing.

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