The video answers a long-standing question about Fuse and Bloodhound’s relationship.

In a new video for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment answers a question that has been asked for a long time about Fuse and Bloodhound.
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Respawn Entertainment has put out a video that answers a long-standing question about how Fuse and Bloodhound are related in Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a fan favorite in part because its characters are all different and have their own backstories and relationships with other characters. As Apex Legends goes from season to season and Respawn listens to player feedback, these relationships change and grow.

At first glance, Fuse and Bloodhound might not seem like they go together. Fuse is a cocky mercenary who likes explosives and is also a ladies’ man. Bloodhound isn’t a boy or a girl, and they lost their parents when they were young. Their uncle raised them in a community that didn’t like technology and instead followed an old Norse belief system called the Old Ways. Even so, players in Apex Legends joked that the two were more than just friends based on what they said to each other in-game.

In Season 8 of Apex Legends, Respawn did a lot to improve the relationship between the two. Bloodhound went with Fuse to the Armageddon showdown with Mad Maggie in Apex Legends. He said that Fuse reminded him of a “old friend,” who was actually Bloodhound’s dead lover, Boone. The Legacy Antigen event, flirty conversations that showed Bloodhound had a crush on Fuse, and the Friends Like These questline, where Vantage says the two were dating and makes them blush, all show that the two got closer and closer.

Even with all that background, the topic wasn’t directly talked about until a new Apex Legends animation from Respawn came out on Saturday. In the video, Fuse asks Bloodhound out on a hunt and asks them directly how they feel. Bloodhound says they love Fuse, but they don’t want to lose them like they did with Boone. Bloodhound is upset, so Fuse hugs and kisses him. One of the most popular ships in Apex Legends is now official.

Fans will make jokes about the Fuse and Bloodhound ship sailing, but in reality, Respawn has been working toward this moment for years. Sam Gill, who wrote Apex Legends, says, “I’d sit down to write a pretty friendly scene, and Fuse and Bloodhound would just start flirting.” Gill says that this wasn’t the plan at first, but “the characters on the page would just SPARK”

It’s also important to point out that nonbinary characters are rarely seen in video games (and media, in general). Bloodhound’s gender has always been a part of Apex Legends, right down to the pronouns. After years of story, Bloodhound finally finds love in the game. This is a step forward for LGBTQ+ stories and is already being praised for it. Don’t think that Respawn will stop here. Most likely, Fuse and Bloodhound’s story hasn’t even started yet.

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