Three New Games Added to Game Pass, Including an Old-School Halloween Favorite

Today, Microsoft refreshed its Game Pass library with three new additions, one of which is a classic Halloween-themed title.

Microsoft has released three new games into the Xbox Game Pass library today, one of which is a Halloween-themed game. Microsoft prefers to spread out the monthly additions to Xbox Game Pass rather than release them all at once. For this reason, the quality of Xbox Game Pass fluctuates throughout the month of October 2022, with today being one of the better days for the service.

In addition to the many games that have already been introduced to Game Pass this month, Microsoft has promised to add many more in the coming days and weeks. The new games added to Game Pass in October 2022 range from early access titles to remastered classics to day one editions. The new Xbox Game Pass additions for October 11 span all three genres.

Coral Island, Costume Quest, and Eville are all available for testing for Game Pass subscribers. PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get early access to Coral Island. You can play Costume Quest on PC and platforms, however, you can only play Eville on consoles or PC. As of this writing, no withdrawal dates have been mentioned for any of the games, thus it is safe to assume that Xbox Game Pass members would have access to them for at least a year. Although, because Microsoft owns Double Fine, it’s safe to assume that Costume Quest will remain a part of Game Pass for the foreseeable future.
All-New Games for Xbox Game Pass
French Fries and a Review of Costume Quest

Insula de Coral (PC)
Eville (consoles/PC) and Costume Quest (Cloud)

For newcomers, Coral Island is a new life simulation game in the fashion of Stardew Valley, albeit it has an ocean gimmick to set it different from the many other Stardew Valley-style games on the market. At the time of this writing, a release date for the full version had not been announced, however, the early access version was playable on PC via PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Meanwhile, Eville is a social deduction game in the vein of Among Us, and Double Fine’s 2010 Halloween classic Costume Quest is a fan favourite. To put it simply, Costume Quest is a delightful game in which the player’s Trick-or-Treating is constantly disrupted by monsters. The kids then embark on an RPG adventure in which they take on the personae of the Halloween costumes they are wearing.

There’s no sign of stopping off in the new Xbox Game Pass games for October 2022. Scorn, a first-person horror game, will be added to Game Pass on October 14, while A Plague Tale: Requiem will be added on October 18.

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